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Less is more?

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It started quite a few months ago.  An e-mail with the latest article from Jackson Hogen real skiers on how numbers didn't mean much,  a caveat on not to read too much into a single number like turn radius. OK I get that other things matter just as much (like flexibility and camber).  There was even a thread or two on the same topic started by Phil. 


Now I look at some of the latest reviews, and maybe it's just me, but a lot of them are leaving the rocker/camber profile out of the stats.  What's up with that?   When rocker was the latest and best thing since sliced bread everybody was bragging about what kind of profile they had.  Now it's better you don't know.   It suddenly doesn't matter?   I remember switching with a fellow patroller, his Rossi Hero ST for my WC SC.   I discovered exactly what it was I didn't like about a slight tip rocker.   It makes a big difference to me!


Give us all the info you can, damnit! :mad

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I think part of the change is because the average person reading a review can become easily overwhelmed. There are just so many data points on a modern ski. Most people don't understand most of them, which leaves them totally clueless when they're reading through all these specs. We can easily decode something like this-






Med. Flex


But that's gibberish to most people. So I can see reviewers just giving the overall thoughts on the ski. If you are interested in a particular ski, you research further. 

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While I readily acknowledge the subtle dangers of too much information, I really don't think that that danger exists regarding skis.  Unless you actually feel that excess information is being used to hide flaws, there's no down-sideto  including information you may not understand.  The loss for those of us who do understand it and rely on such info for preliminary screening is unacceptable.  Just because the "average" uninformed consumer can't be bothered with researching their investment shouldn't mean that the rest of us should be penalized.  



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Throw the numbers away....

Read about it here: 

The Numbers Game: Skis


Thanks @MidwestPete for the artwork, also know and Dave Petersen on 

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