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Ski sizing for kendo

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Hey guys,

I'm just looking for some sizing advice. I'm buying a pair of 2016 kendos and am trying to decide between the 177 and 170. The reason I'm conflicted is because I am tall at 6'2 but light at 150-155 lbs. I would classify myself as an advanced skier with a playful style. I ski pretty much everything, but I am largely on piste. Let me know what you guys think.

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I bought the Kendo last season and absolutely love the ski!    Rips on piste and can handle everything you throw at it.  Super stable at speed, firm snow and in chopped up crud.  Quick to turn and fun in the trees and fluff too.


I'm 5'11" and 180 and ride the 177cm no problem.  It skis short, so I couldn't imagine going with the 170cm.  I think the 177 would be a good fit.  If you're an advanced skier it's not so powerful that you would have a problem at your weight.

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6 feet tall and 175lbs.  On a 177cm.  Perfect length for new england trails, including the woods.  

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