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Value of gear on hand?

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Hey guys, Let me start by saying I have never snow skid, only water,,

I have have some old school gear, was wondering if it is worth anything.

It was left in a house that I bought.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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This is pretty old stuff, straight skis
You might find a collecter to take it off your hands ....

For Free

The dumpster is the best place for this unless you wanna make a chair
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Figured as much, thanks for the info!
Art project it is..!
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The red and grey skis are cross country skis, not downhill.     The grey ones have a very old racing 3-pin binding that is narrower than the 75mm size commonly referred to as 3-pin.       The red ones have an old salomon standard, also no longer supported.    


Point being, those are the only two parts that someone (who already owns boots that fit those standards) might be willing to pay cost of shipping for.       

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