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Need Some Help Picking the Best Skis for my Situation!!!

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Alright, I need some help picking a pair/pairs of skis for this upcoming year. First, my situation. So I grew up skiing about 20-30 times a year in Colorado up until I was about 17 where I had to focus on other sports as I was planning on playing collegiate sports. I just finished my last year of D1 sports and could not be more excited to get back into skiing but am out of the loop on changes to gear etc... I'll ski 30-40 times this year, hopefully more, with varying groups of friends and family. I either need a nice pair of skis that can handle everything from the standard mountain to some serious back country, with emphasis on the back country as it is easier to compensate for the groomers compared to the other way around. Or would it be better to get 2 cheaper pairs, one for powder/back country and one for the average day? I'm 6 ft 200 lbs and usually ski aggressively of powerfully if that makes sense. I would consider my level to be expert once I get back into it. 


Another way to phrase what I'm asking is how truly are "all mountain" skis all mountain? and what pair would you recommend for me if I was looking for an all mountain ski which leans towards back country and powder? Or what 2 pairs would you recommend that cover all the bases?


Have at it!


Thanks for your help!

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Oh and binding recommendations as well please!

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Well, I for one am glad to hear that you're stepping back into skiing. Because you can never have too many skiers in the world!


Now reading your post, I didn't notice you mention where you're going to be doing most of your skiing. This is important, because a good ski for the east coast is going to be not much fun in Colorado! 


That being said, an all mountain ski such as the Blizzard Bodacious in a 193 coming in at 118mm underfoot would be a good "all mountain" type ski for someone of your size. It'll have good enough float, and is stiff enough to hold under you without flopping all over the place. Now it's not going to be as good as something fatter in the power, but a dedicated power ski is a bit unfun when you get stuck on the groomers. The Bodacious however will do the groomers just fine while you make your way to more powder stashes. 



That being said, you might want to consider something in the 80's range as a groomer ski, for days when you want to go out, and it hasn't snowed in 3 weeks. 



Butbutbut the most important thing is to make sure you've got yourself a good fitting pair of boots first! Skis can come and go, but a good pair of boots is what attaches your body to the skis, and if they don't fit properly, you're going to ruin a lot of ski days with crippling foot pain. 


Bindings? Something like a Look Pivot 14 would be good for you. A solid hefty binding for a solid hefty guy. 

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Need to know where you are skiing
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When you open this thread there's a little sticky at the top that says forum note. Fill that out. Then go to boots read the same sticky and tell us about your boots
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Choose a ski that will suit the terrain that you will mostly be skiing on .
I ski mostly in upstate New York , so I bought a pair of Rossi temptation carving skis , and trips out west I demo the latest stuff.
What ever you end up with will be fun cause that's how it goes
Stoner .
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Why did you choose that screen name?


What were you last skiing?  what did you like not like


Odds of being a troll, over 50%

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By back country, do you mean non-lift served? Because normally you'd want tech bindings, as light as possible. Which, although they've been making steady advances, most wouldn't use for resort skiing.

I'm inclined to agree with Maineac, but waiting to hear more.
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