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Jr or Adult Ski for 13 Yr Old?

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Hi All-

Junior or Adult skis for my son?

He's 13, 5'3" and about 125 pounds. I'd call him a "Level 7-ish" skier, but who knows. He skis confidently on all groomers and can tip them over and arc a nice turn on tougher blues & easier blacks. He enjoys the easier double blacks at Stowe, but is still building up confidence on upper Starr. He enjoys the woods, but doesn't live there.

Ideally, I would think something in the 78-88 family would be good for him, probably in a 150(?).

Tough thing is I just don't know how he would do on adult skis & there aren't too many kid skis out there that fit the bill.

One I've found is the Blizzard Cochise Jr, but I'm concerned that the 94mm footprint is overkill for the east and would be a major adjustment from his 68mm Blizzard kid skis. Maybe not though?

Other ideas would be a softer adult ski... What do you all think?


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I have two boys and we ski in Vermont. I have found this combo to work.


1 Junior SL ski in the 140-150cm range  for the fast and firm days


1 twin tip or free ride ski  like the Volkl Gotama jr  in the 150cm range for soft snow, trees,and park.


It is more  difficult to develop good carving skills  on a fat twin tip.


Check local ski shops for seasonal rentals. You should be able  to rent a boot and  twin tip combo for around $200 or less.


Purchase a used SL ski  with bindings  at ski swaps or on ebay.


Your son is just starting to grow. A quality rental program is your best option. Most likely nothing will fit next year .




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We had this same dilemma when buying skis this year for DD - she's almost exactly the same stats and ability as your son, but a little younger. In the end, we actually decided on junior skis in a 150 because of the price - but I think both our DD and your son could do adult skis. We had the Volkl Yumi out as an option for her, and the flex 'felt' simliar (based on a very cursory flex instore, not any actual specs) to a number of junior skis. Depending on top sheet - I'm sure your son would do fine on an expert women's ski. We ski out west, so different conditions, but we ended up getting a K2 shreditor jr for DD - she likes bumps, soft snow and being able to ski backwards. 


We were thinking we would wait on the adult skis and actually try to strap her into a pair for a few runs this season to see how she does. I'll be interested to hear what you decide on.

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