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Help with boots

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I am currently skiing on Nordica GP boots, a model of a few years ago. I get serious cramps, especially on the first day or two of the holiday.

The boots are size 28.0. At the time I bought them, I thought this was equivalent to my normal shoe size, which is 42 (European), or 8 (UK size), or 9 (US size). It looks like I was wrong - see Shoe size converter - my boots are really UK 9/US 10 size. However, when I put them on and take them off, I struggle, so I had always assumed that they were just about the right size.

I went yesterday into a shop and was told my size should be 26.5 (European equivalent 41.5). I tried three boots in that size, the only ones that felt like they fit in the toe box were some Salomon X-Wave 8. All of them felt a very tight fit around the arch of my foot (apparently, I have a wide foot).

Question 1: is it likely that I may get cramps from boots that are too large? (though they do not seem large when I put them on, and I don't buckle at more than the first or second notch).

Question 2: if the boots are slightly too large, is there anything I can do to fit them instead of changing them? Would a custom footbed be sufficient?

Question 3: new boots bought in London will set me back about US$ 400, including thermofit shells and custom footbeds (and if they're not fitted well, I'll be 6,000 miles away when I find out). Am I better off waiting until end of January and getting new boots fitted in Snowbird? will I be able to do this on a Sunday morning? (I'm unlikely to ski more than a weekend until then).

Sorry for the long post. I would seriously appreciate any advice/ help. Thanks guys.
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One thing I noticed last year in Park City was that the boots were more expensive, e.g. my Technicas list in the UK at around £300 (under $500), yet at the resort, the same ones were being sold for around $700.
Shop around, but avoid Slush & Rubble, they are overpriced!

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your boots are too big, no doubt. I am about the same shoe size, albeit i have a medium to low volume foot. I have a pair of Nordica GP 07 size 27, and i buckle all the way : (so 27 is too big for me)! Maybe you don't buckle them more because they have quite a low volume fit and they are too tight laterally or over your arch (that would be a good explanation for your cramps, but i'm guessing), but youre ankles and heels are free ? So IMO (i'm no bootfitter) it could be your boots are too long but not wide enough, so it may be futile to insert more material n them. These boots are a pain to put on, i don't think it's got anything to do with the size. I'm getting new boots this year, and i will go down at least one size (and shell fit, or i'll be banned from this forum )
good hunting
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your boots are definalty too big! If you are in a shell which is too large how do you tighten them? YOU clamp down on all four buckles, the main one over the instep is what would cause all you problems. AS you tighten the instep buckle down, you put pressure on the dorsalis pedus (a artery that runs on the top of your foot). THis will result in numb foot, pins needles, cold feet and cramping. A direct result of lack of blood flow.

ALway get a custom footbed with your new boot. Wait to goto the bird and see Rick Greener (i think he still works at the bottom of the tram). Otherwise it might be worth a trip to SUrefoot in PC and see Steve Owen. THey have stores in EUrope as well (verbie and crans montana) and have an absolute guarntee.
I hope this helps
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I wear a size 9.5 US shoe and am in a size 26 shell. It would seem likely to me that your boots are much too big. You're obviously not happy with them - I would proceed carefully in finding new boots. First determine the level and type of boot you are looking for, then search out the models that match; from there I would narrow the field by searching for boot volume, i.e. Head WC 97 is very narrow - probably not a good option if you have wide feet, Atomic boots generally have higher volume shells...

Page 197 of the October 2003 edition of Skiing has a nice chart listing many major boot models and numerically rates their characteristics (volume at the toe box, instep, ankle, heel pocket, flex, and a couple of other measures). The September issue of Powder Magazine had excellent reviews of freeride boots (though not numerically charted). These ought to help you pick out a few good candidates.

Then post your question here (to Jeff Bergeron, if you don't want every boot in the universe recommended) and get to a shop and try on as many of these boots as possible. I would purchase them from a shop with an excellent reputation for bootfitting - and definitely include a custom footbed.

Good luck.
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Thanks for all replies - they're very helpful.

Yep. Tried the boots again today, armed with all new knowledge - they now do feel too large and buckled up too tightly. Hmmm...I thought my investment in gear had finished for this season.

Fox, I sent you a PM.
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