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Vintage K2 Skis ???

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Does anyone know the age of these skis and bindings?

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I'd guess April of 1964.

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K2's Competition which was introduced in about 1968, stayed the same for several years.  The K2 Holiday, a recreational ski, was their 1st model, created about 3-4 years earlier.

Marker Long thong heels, with 2nd or 3rd generation Marker Simplex toes(probably late 50s/early 60s.)

About the time K2 introduced the Competition, the updated model Marker Simplex DL toe was introduced with the Rotomat heels. By the way, it appears the heels as pictured, have the much shorter Arlberg straps rather than actual long thongs (4'-6' plus usually.) The leather straps were used to stiffen the relatively soft leather boots of the day.

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My dad had those same bindings  on his Kneisel Red Stars , circa 1963/4 . I think the K2's are newer than that.

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The bindings are earlier vintage than the skis, not many people used a turntable once the Rotomat showed up. The K-2 Comp came out in 69 while the bindings were pretty well done about 67 or so. But just like today a lot of us would use the same bindings on 2 or 3 different skis over the years.


The long thong became a very moot point as the plastic boots showed up. If your Dad had Langes or Richle Redboot, Rosemont he might have cut them down.


That ski was the first American built ski to win in the World Cup. Your Dad had good taste in skis.

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