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Laurel Mountain Awaits Grand Opening

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Laurel Mountain’s new quad chairlift built by Sky Trac and new (to Laurel) groomer await the grand opening. Laurel Mountain will reopen this season after closing over a decade ago when Seven Springs, then still owned by the founding Dupre family, last operated the state park ski facility. Seven Springs, now owned by Bob Nutting, will once again run the operation after Pennsylvania rebuilt basic infrastructure to the tune of $6.5 million, the bulk of which is terrain and snowmaking expansion and a new quad lift.  Unofficial opening is slated for Dec. 15 and I can attest that if it is cold enough there will be coverage including one of the steepest slopes in the Mid-A. Passes are to go on sale September 20 with a $50 gift card to those who purchase by Sept. 27.

This from the official Laurel Mountain Facebook Page

Laurel Mountain Individual Season Pass at $450 and get a $50 Gift Card available from September 20-27!

PLUS, get your Junior (age 12-17) and Senior (age 65-69) passes at $390, and Child (age 6-11) passes at $360, and get a $25 Gift Card!

Gift Cards are valid at Seven Springs, Hidden Valley AND Laurel Mountain!

Call the Season Pass Office at 800-452-2223, ext. 7695, or visit7springs.com to purchase beginning Tuesday, Sept. 20!


Thanks to Save Laurel Mountain’s Paul Hoolahan for this most recent photo,

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Thanks for the info,


Although I am not likely to ski there due to distance (5-6 hrs 300mi/480km) from my house, I think more choices (in general) is better for skiers.


Hopefully it is able to operate at a profit with prices that are reasonable to the public.


Looking forward to more information as it becomes available. :):)

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Rob, how does the terrain and vertical compare to North Bowl(s) at Seven Springs?  Nice local addition but I've never been there.

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Tom, Laurel has a little more vertical than the Spring's backside. How much is open to debate, The officially given stats list Laurel at 900 vertical and Seven Springs North Face at 750. Lower Wildcat is steeper than anything on the Laurel Ridge and compares to Blue Knob's Extrovert in steepness but is groomed. If I'm not mistaken, the grooming machine in the photo above is a winch cat so the steep terrain at Laurel should be groomed on a regular basis. Lower Wildcat traditionally has been groomed on skier's left and allowed to go to bumps on skier's right. Upper Wildcat is a little less steep than the steepest sections on the black diamonds on North Face.

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Laurel's web site is now live. Full details on daily tickets, season passes, and lessons etc. can be found here:





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I just found this found this video on the web site. I love the historic film used to open this video promoting their season pass sales.




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Are there any tree runs there that are skiable?
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You will have to come up and give it a try but maybe this old trail map might give you a clue. It is from 1960 though.;)




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One more week and Laurel should be open baring a major warm rain event. Snow making started earlier this week, From tonight 12/9 web cam:


Laurel Mountain Cam

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