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Severe back pain

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Hello, I am suffering from severe back pain for the past five years. I have tried several medicines, and ointments. But, none of them are showing the result. I am unable to do any hard physical activities. I have visited a physiotherapy clinic in Toronto, and they told me that this can be easily cured through weight bearing exercises. What are my chances of fully recovering from the back pain?

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It can happen.  You should have hope as you do what you can in your power to make that happen.


You will find your answers from the PT you work with not on the internet.

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I would do the PT exercises.

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There are many different causes of back pain. The treatment varies enormously depending on the cause, as does the chances that the pain will go away. Have you seen a physician or only a physical therapist? If only a physical therapist you need to see a physician specializing in back pain. 

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I used to be in chronic pain and stiffness. Even brushing my teeth slightly bent past vertical for 2 min could cramp it up.

When laying on a firm flat surface such as the floor or doctors exam table my back wouod just start cramping (spinae erector muscles spasming)

It spanned times of supreme fitness and when I wasn't in race shape, and 50lbs overweight.

Yearly events with "a big one" that would hit every 2-3 years ( so bad I could barely sit on the toilet couldn't lift either knee when sitting and had to crawl around my house for a few days )

I was desperate. Chiropractors didn't help. Normal stretches nope. I could throw my back out getting out of my car the wrong way Or Picking up my backpack or briefcase the wrong way.

Then I found a really thin book simple things I could do at home: "Treat Your Own Back" by Robin McKenzie

It seemed too simple but the logic of his bar of soap as a disc analogy made sense to me - so I used it at first to get out of an acute time and then as a normal part of my daily regimen taking only 90 seconds a day

This book changed my life -it's definitely worth the price to see if it make any benefit for you.

I've sent several as Amazon gifts to affected friends and always got good feedback from them.
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Originally Posted by hakalugi View Post

Yearly events with "a big one" that would hit every 2-3 years ( so bad I could barely sit on the toilet couldn't lift either knee when sitting and had to crawl around my house for a few days ).


I have chronic lower back issues as well and had a couple episodes like you describe hit on slope the last couple years.  Both times I finished out my ski day taking it easy and then had to lift my legs with my hands to get them in and out of the car...took a few days to recover.  I'm in the midst of trying different treatments and therapies but I fully expect another 'big one' this season.

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​I'm also a sufferer of long term acute and chronic back issues. Severe trauma to two of my discs when in my twenties. Now in my fifties I can say that though I continue to have various issues, none are debilitating that way it was for years after my initial injury. Of course I can't speak for your situation, but in mine, and those of most long time sufferers I've talked to, there is hope.


In my experience the things that help me most are general fitness, core strength specifically, time, and an intimate understanding of my body and it's reactions to trigger events.


Nothing you can do about time, but the fitness is one that is most beneficial and most under your control.

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The McKenzie book did nothing for me, probably made it worse.


What did work was core strengthening, stretching, vigorous self massage (roller and lacrosse ball), and frequent cardio. It requires a good PT to get you started and a ton of effort on your part. I still have a few bad weeks a year when I "pull" my back but overall have had a good decade since my initial 2 year episode. I just wish I hadn't let it go so long the first time. Good luck!

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I had some back trouble a while back - wrote my experience up here.


Back pain is a real downer. Whatever path you end up taking, good luck going forward!

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