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Is this a reasonable ski for me? [Colorado mother, intermediate]

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I'm 5 foot 7, I weigh 175. I am a casual skier capable of blues but like to stick to groomed greens. I'm looking for shorter skis so that I can have increased maneuverablitly to work with teaching my kiddos. I'm looking at used Rossignol Voodoo SC80 skis 165 cm with Axium 100 demo bindings. Is this a reasonable ski for my needs? I've never bought skis before so I'm a bit clueless when it comes to shopping for skis. Any other tips for buying used skis online?




ETA - I live in Colorado, and will ski less than 10-15 days this year.

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What about Salomon x wing 6 r series 165 cm with L 10 bindings?
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I'm beginning to think that 165s are longer than I would want. My nose is at 60 inches (151 cm) and I don't think I want to go any longer, but I could really use some help in figuring out the length of ski for me so I can try to buy a set. TIA

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Hi, sorry I have to rush now, but don't despair, I will answer your questions when I get back.  165 is not too long, unless you are getting a short radius ski (like a slalom ski) and ski slowly. 

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Thanks! Just for more information, I'm looking for something that's easy to turn and maneuver in. My right leg is weaker than my left thanks to major foot surgeries over the years. I'm hitting the gym to get it stronger but I don't like feeling like my ski gets hung up in a turn.I have found that a shorter ski helps me with this. I'm looking to buy a set off of ebay but I really don't know what to look for. I have learned to cross check the bindings listed with the indemnified list but other than ski length and avoiding listings that state "racing ski" I don't know anything. At this point I'm not looking for anything fancy just something to get me on the slopes with my kids. I'm looking to spend less than $200 (including shipping).

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Ok lenght depends on the type of ski and on your weight, mostly.  SL skis come in shorter lengths than GS skis.   Your weight gives you a stating point for any ski you decide to get.  The ski comes in various lengths, and skiers come in various weights.  Since you weight 175 wich is just on the high end of average, you should pick a ski that is just on the high side of the middle length, or right in the middle if there are an odd number of lengths that the ski comes in.   Next, adjust for speed: if you ski a lot slower than your average bear, go down a length, if you ski a lot faster, go up a length. For example, the Head i. Supershape Magnum Magnum comes in lengths of 149,156,163,170 and 177 cm.  Middle length for that ski is 163, but you ski slowly so get 156.  Another example, the 2016 Head i. Supershape Titan comes in lengths of 156,163,170 and 177, the high side of the middle is 170 cm, but you ski slow so for this ski you would want 163.


Now what to choose, I recommend you choose a narrow ski with a turn radius of between 11 and 15, since you haven't decided if you prefer short turns or long ones, but ski slowly which favours smaller turns, and pick the length as described above, once you pick your ski.


I also recommend that you pay for a subscription to real skiers reviews, and make a list of suitable skis from the reviews that go back quite a few years, then look for them on sale.  Note the reviews for models from 2012 and earlier were better in that they had symbols for type of skier (beginner to expert) the ski was suitable for and include speed ranges for the skis performance envelope, thus making it easier to choose a ski that would suit you now and that you wouldn't outgrow.  There is no reason a four or five year old ski wouldn't do well for you.


Voodo SC80 in a 160 would be pretty good for you, just a little on the wide side for hard groomers imho, but great if those groomers get a lot of snow, if you are a woman.


The x-wing 6 is too much of a beginner ski for you imho.


From your description it sounds like you are forcing your skis around to turn, instead of subtly instructing the skis on what to do and letting them turn you around.  I recommend you take a few lessons, learn how the skis actually work and stop fighting the skis.


Best of luck finding a good boot fitter to get you into a pair of well-fitting boots.

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Thank you for your suggestions it will take some time to digest this information. I am indeed a woman I don't know what happened with the title of the thread. A lesson or two (especially on new to me skis) certainly wouldn't hurt hopefully I can work one into my budget. When I've skied in groups one of the very experienced skiers always has something constructive to say about how I turn.
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Hi @HPLSkier


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Hi  @HPLSkier - 


I ski the Canadian Rockies and am a similar height to you but about 25 lbs heavier that you. I ski about a 170 cm ski. For your needs and stats, I don't think 165 is crazy. But I also certainly don't think you should be going any shorter than 150 or 152. As you go shorter, what you gain is maneuverability, but don't forget that you will also lose stability. I would think that somewhere in the high 150s/low 160s would be better for you. There are plenty of skis that have a short turning radius, are responsive and also great for green/blue cruising. As far as I know (and maybe others can chime in?) - the Rossi Voodoo is a ski that is much more off-piste biased. I would also check how old the Rossi Voodoo is - skis do lose their characteristics with time and use. 

Because you are in Colorado, I would try and aim for a ski that is more soft-snow biased but that would be comfortable on the groomers all day as well, something in the 80-85 waist range. I would encourage you to look at: 


-the Atomic Affinity Series (especially the Air and the Pure)

-the Rossi Temptation series (I think the Temptation 82 would be a fine all-mountain tool)
-the Nordica Belle to Belle (I believe that this year it is called the Belle 78 - there is also the Belle 84)

-the Volkl Yumi


Any of those would be great for your style, but would also provide a platform for you to progress on (if you wish to do that). I've found that, as my kids have progressed, I've wanted to as well! They are a great motivator for exploring new trails :)  I'm also on skidiva.com - and there are also plenty of ski reviews there that are woman-specific if you would like to check that out!

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