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Steamboat Springs Ski-up Thread for 2016/17 Who's coming out?

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This will be the 3rd year meeting up on the hill or The BARLey (best craft beer pub in town).  Last year I was fortunate enough to meet several bears and Pugs and have some laughs and deep turns.  If you are interested in meeting up, please let me know.  its best to find me by PM or even better by clicking here to Pugski  I am happy to take folks of all abilities on unofficial tours or just take a few laps. If we are lucky to have a powder day, I will gladly share the goods with ya' but I am just as happy (well, almost) cruising around.  The intent is to just have some fun and say hi.  


Caveats, I am not an employee of Steamboat or Intrawest. I am not an instructor and take no liability whatsoever for you or family. I am not evaluating your skills or assessing your ability to ski any terrain or run. You are skiing at your own risk as this is not an official program nor a guided skiing program whatsoever,  although I can recommend good beer. If its a powder day and you can't ski powder, I will gladly meet up and buy you a hot chocolate after my legs are toast. 


Some pics from last season but I can't guarantee it will be like this all the time! 


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One of these years I'll make it out there!! Good to see you getting this cranked up again @Finndog... hope it's a terrific season!


(As an aside, the photo links to PugSki weren't working because you had to be logged in to see them I think. I uploaded them directly here - hope that's OK.)

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. I was @ Steamboat for the Feb 2012 Epic storm.  34" in 30 hours!  I got there on Friday and it was pretty cold...not a lot of snow.  They had a great band from New Orleans playing @ the gondola base.  Started snowing Saturday with it picking up on Sunday.  I had to fly out on Monday and figured I'd just take the day off.  I was staying @ a friend's house up on woods drive ( heading up to the Hot Springs ).  Monday morning he kicks my bed, tells me it's fking epic up on the hill, throws me a free pass, the keys to his truck (4w) and I had the time of my life. I lived in the 'Boat from '78 - '83. When I moved there the only traffic light was in front of the Rabbit Ears motel.  Worked at the Power Plant, Storm Meadows, Ramada, on Buffalo Pass on a logging job (Pro Indiviso), 4B Electric...Lived at Stage Coach one winter, Dream Island, Brooklyn, Milner...Always come out each winter.  Always. Hey, you ever go down to Back Door Sports?  If you do, ask to speak with Dr. Love.  That was Peter's nickname back then.  We were roommates in Brooklyn.  Anyway, I'll look you up this winter.  Stay in touch

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I'm coming to Steamboat w/my son Jan 29 - Feb 3 if anyone wants to make some turns together. I bring pow with me typically, trying to keep up my tradition. :)

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ill be skiing the boat January 7,8& 9. I was also lucky enough to be there dec 10-13 and caught the front end of that great storm cycle. Shadows and Closets were skiing great, and hiked to Pony when the skies cleared for some fresh tracks. If anyone is around Jan 7-10 id love to take a few laps! Cheers! 

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Well, looks like I may be passing on the 'Boat trip this year.  Got a Dolomite trip planned. Flying into Zagreg March 4th, renting a car and heading up to Slovenia for a few turns then to Corvina.  Got to do a Dolomite trip.  Bucket list. 2 1/2 wk trip. trying out some Fischer vacuum boots with my Soul7s.  My Brother will be in the 'Boat for a Concert there in February / March. He's a real good skier but always has to ice down his left knee. Had an ACL like 30 years ago.  Had a cow's ligament put in.  Anyway...I'll post some pics when I get back.  Please do the same.  If I find some spare cash I'll head to the 'Boat @ the end of the season to close the hill and then head to Aspen and Utah for a couple days.  Again, if you are in the 'Boat, go downtown to Backdoor Sports and ask to speak with Dr. Love. He has become the Townn spokesman for the Yampa River and he's an old roommate of mine from the '70's. JacksonHole w_Dan_FkingDave.jpg

 Jackson on St. Patty's day.  I'm in the middle, my Brother Dan is on my right and my left is Fkng Dave lives @ the "Boat on my left.

This was 3 years ago in Portillo

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Hey dudeskis, I'm flying out on the 28th, will be on the mtn 29th of Jan thru Feb 3rd. If you're not injured or incarcerated and would like to hook up for some turns in the pow which will certainly fall soon as I get there, let's do eeeet! :)

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