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New England Skiing and Pike Fishing

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Anybody know of ski areas in New England that are close to good Pike fishing?


While I enjoy a pristine trout stream and big bass, I would prefer to locate a vacation home on a lake with pike that is close to good skiing.

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Interesting question which doesn't come up often. I know nothing about fishing for pike, but stayed beside Lake Winnipesaukee, NH once on a ski trip and enjoyed seeing ice fisherman going out to the middle of the lake to ice fish in the mornings. I X-C skied out towards them one day on the frozen surface. But I don't think it has pike. I found this article that discusses pike fishing in VT: http://www.nesportsman.com/articles/article236.shtml Here’s what it says about VT: When safe ice conditions exist, the following Vermont waters are a good bet for catching nice pike through the ice: Lake Champlain (Kelley Bay, Missisquoi Bay, Dillenbeck Bay, Carry Bay, St. Albans Bay, Mallets Bay, Larabees Point, Singing Ceders, Lapans Bay, Benson Landing, and Dresden Narrows), Lake Bomoseen, Lake St. Catherine, Lake Hortonia, Glen Lake, Lake Carmi, and Norton Pond. Of those lakes it looks like some spots close to skiing are: Norton Pond 40 mins to Burke Mtn, Lake Carmi one hour to Jay Peak, Glen Lake and Lake Bomoseen about 55-50 mins to Killington. Champlain is huge, but not so close to bigger VT ski areas. Maybe you can find out if the NY shore over by Whiteface has pike? Lower Saranac Lake is 40 mins from Whiteface and supposed to have pike. Check out Moore Reservoir in NH, supposed to have pike. It's about 35-40 mins from Cannon Mtn and Bretton Woods ski areas. There are ski areas all over New England. It seems like pike fishing is less ubiquitous. I guess I would identify a few of the most likely places you'd want to stay for fishing and then use google maps to find which are near ski areas you think you want to ski.
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Is your question where can one do both activities on one trip, or is your question where can get a place where Ione can enjoy skiing in Winter and Pike fishing in summer?

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Interesting question to me as well. Do lakes in NE have muskies as well as regular (Northern?) pike? I usually fish for these in WI where my wife is from. Just there up north in August but caught only Northern, no muskies.
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Well I know where you can get good pike and the reclusive muskellunge..if you want good skiing too think about learning French. :D

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There are northerns around here, but I've never heard of anyone catching a muskie.


One of my friends (so avid an ice-fisherman that you don't ever want to mention fish, fishing, or ice near him) has caught a ton of pike (and everything else) through the ice on the Connecticut river.  You could take your pick of locations, if it's ice fishing you're looking for — or summer fishing for that matter. (My friend took me once to Wilson Pond, a tiny lake near the airport in town. I caught a 23 inch northern there. Not huge, but the biggest I've caught outside of Ontario.)

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All over this one. Burlington, VT area. PM for locations.
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PM for locations.



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