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How much $$ needed for a ski season in BC? (revelstoke 2016/17) [from Australia, has work permit]

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Gday mateys. In October I'm heading over to Canada from Aus to do my first ski season. I've been studying and working for the last 5/6 years and this is sort of my travel present to myself at the end of it all. I have my Canadian work permit approved and a one way flight to vancouver, and that's about all the solid planning that has been done. 

I'm thinking of heading to revelstoke, and getting there a month or so before the ski season starts to try and get set up with a room and hopefully a job. 


However, I'm indecisive about the whole job situation. After trawling through forums it seems the general consensus is not to get a job with the resort because then you'll be working when you want to be skiing. I'm just a bit worried about turning up and not being able to find a job in town. My questions to anyone with any experience or opinions are:


1. How much money would I need to have saved to get through a season without having any income? (I mean this in a sense of everyday expenses - at least things like insurance, gear, and lift passes can be added up and sorted out before I arrive)

2. If you have done a season at revie, what was the job market like?

I have some savings so It wont be the end of the world if i can't get a job, i should be able to get by if i'm stingy with my money. But I would love to do some more travelling in North America when spring hits. My dilemma is: do i pull out all stops to work while I'm there and still get a couple of days skiing per week on days off, which would mean I have more money to travel with afterwards OR do I be a real bum and just focus on skiing and risk having not much $ left at the end of it all. 

Your thoughts on this would be appreciated - cheers!

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I would budget $1,500 per month to be on the safe side. You can probably survive on $1000 per month in Revy if you share a room, eat crappy food and avoid drinking too much at the bar. A season pass is $900 right now and will jump to $1,200 if you miss the early bird rate.


There's plenty of jobs here if you don't mind working in a kitchen or cleaning rooms.

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Only you can decide whether or not to work so you can travel after ski season.  What is most important to you?


If it was me, I would work because there is so much cool stuff in N.A. you should not pass up the opportunity to get around and see some of it.


I really love western N.A. and I would suggest that you head south to California, Arizona, and New Mexico right after the lifts close and work your way back north to Canada as the summer comes on.

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Q: how much skiing experience do you have? You mentioned your "first ski season." Is this your first ski season in North America, or your first ski season ever? If you are not an experienced skier, I don't think Revelstoke is the place for you. Sun Peaks, Big White and everywhere else in BC other than Kicking Horse and Revelstoke would have more terrain upon which to learn and progress.
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I haven't ever spent a season working in the ski industry, but I'm just going to chime in because I've noticed signs everywhere in Calgary, and the UofC ski club has sent out a ton of emails about this: job fairs. Job fairs for ski town seasonal work are going on in September. Perhaps people can add help OP with some of their experience, but many of the companies I've seen that operate out of Banff/Lake Louise and the Interior BC resorts are hosting travelling job fairs throughout the month of September - Big White, Sun Peaks, Banff/Lake Louise, RCR, RMR etc. As far as I can tell, they do most of their interviews at these travelling shows and try to have seasonal staff locked in by the beginning of October. I've noticed that the job fairs include ski resorts, hotels, restaurants and other vendors too. One of my former students (now an instructor at a BC resorts) says they're pretty good because you can also scope out staff accommodation. Does anyone know how much of staff is hired at these fairs? Will there be many jobs left a few weeks before the season begins? I don't know if OP can just show up at a ski town and find a job easily...

$ definitely depends on where you settle...

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2 cents here from me.....


We see,.... & mentor,.... A HEAP of Aussie kids (& others) that come over for the season..... All have a blast,..... Most end up at our dining table a couple of times a month.


Sun Peaks will do interviews via Skype & most of the kids we know have secured jobs with the resort & staff accoms (which are NOT super flash, but will do the job), well before that leave Aus.


People that work for the resort get free ski passes & a ton of other discounts all over the hill,..... Worth a thought.



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Cheers for the advice DesiredUsername, this is my first ski season in that it's the first time i'm actually staying at the snow for an extended period of time. I've been skiing many times, and although I'm no expert, I'm looking forward to being challenged and improving on the steeper terrain. Also a big seller for Rev is the proximity to Roger's Pass. Very keen to get some experience ski touring. 

And thanks everyone else for chipping in. I guess the essence of my question was: can i have my cake and eat it too - haha. I think I will try and get a job in town so I have the opportunity to see more of North America when the snow melts!

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