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Not sure about regular days, but Memorial Day weekend they may open more. In 2011, with similar snow pack, they had a few others open including 4,5 and 10, open for the long weekend.

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Mammoth monitors hotel reservations and thus has some idea in advance when it will be busier.  So some weekends, and Memorial weekend in particular, are likely to have more lifts open than 1,2,3,6,11 and 23 and gondola in a big year like this one.


June is usually the maintenance month for the gondola.  It usually closes right after Memorial Day, leaving only chair 23 to serve the upper mountain for a few weeks.  Both the gondola and 23 will run for the July 4 holiday weekend.

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They already announced that on weekends more chairs will be open.

Why is it that Squaw might have "not as good" conditions ?

Squaw/Alpine did not (as of now) announce any lift closures.

Just curious?
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Squaw is 2,000 feet lower than Mammoth, both base and summit. The spring snow gets very mushy on warm days. Furthermore the highest terrain (Siberia, Granite Chief) faces east.


Alpine Meadows is a little better in spring than Squaw as it has a full range of exposures to follow the sun around and its base is 800 feet higher than Squaw's.   But it's still far from Mammoth's class for April and later skiing.  


It will be an instructive exercise to monitor what lifts are open at all Tahoe areas next week.  I'm not making predictions, but I strongly recommend looking it up tomorrow, and later in the week too as there will probably be some wind holds tomorrow.


We have now made reservations and will definitely be skiing Mammoth Wed-Fri April 19-21.

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Greatly appreciated !!!

If nothing else my expectations are put in order.

Coming back to California ski land is a win/win situation.

Spent last week in "wine country" and I can tell - I have not seen California landscape this green since 2011 - and that is understatement.
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Severe wind holds everywhere in the Sierra today.  The Main Lodge side of Mammoth is closed as is the entire ski area at Mt. Rose.

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Getting ready to head up, Skiing wed - fri....

cya @ chr2......



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I don't know if anyone is interested but I was you tubing some guy skiing gravy chute , chair 1 from I think last year and it is crazy to see the differences in coverage.Whole trees and the big rock jump do not exist.I don't know how to post pictures but if someone can it's pretty crazy.
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What's also crazy is when you are heading up chair 5. About 1/2 way up your skis are so close to the snow you could jump off.
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baby gravy, last May

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I actually miss the obstacles... everything is covered with whipped cream this year. I'm half joking, I think.

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Any experiences with Memorial weekend in past big snow years pertaining to crowds? I've heard varying reports. I know they will open more lifts to help but are we talking long lines at the base? Thanks
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We are at chair 2 by 9AM. Look for the blue Tesla.

The most severe crowd issue on Memorial weekend is parking because there is no access from Canyon, Eagle or the Village. The road can be parked solid from Main to chair 4, but they do run the parking shuttle along that road.
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We will keep an eye out for you guys tomorrow. We are in a dark green Land Cruiser (old school style). I wear blue jacket and turquoise pants, white helmet. Bob is a skittle - either dark green or blue jacket, yellow pants, red helmet. We should get to chair 2 around 9 also.
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I will also be at chair 2 tomorrow (Thursday). I wear an orange jacket and gray pants. I'm driving a gray minivan.

I came up early this morning and got on the mountain around noon. Was skiing chair 5 when I noticed they had opened 9, so I got over there for some fun turns on some very heavy fresh snow. Not exactly powder but quite smooth and the kind of turns that are fun to lean into as you wrap around the trees.
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Originally Posted by agreen View Post

What's also crazy is when you are heading up chair 5. About 1/2 way up your skis are so close to the snow you could jump off.

Chair 12 two Sundays ago the snow was so high that if I hadn't stopped sight seeing and looked down out of curiosity it would have grabbed my tips and flipped me off the chair. I actually ran my ski on the snow for a second just to see if it really was that close.
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I'll be heading up for Fri-Sun skiing with some people from work. If anyone wants to do a couple of laps let me know.
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We aren't going to make the 9:00 meet up. It was a very cold night so we are going to wait for it to warm up a bit and let everything soften up a tad.
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Damn, wish I could head up this weekend. Looks like Fri-Sun. are going to be great "Blue Bird" spring skiing. Enjoy it, everybody.

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Wednesday was even better than last week.  People were charging runs like the Avalanche Chutes, Huevos, Hangman's and Varmint's Nest because there was so much soft though not deep snow from the recent storm. Wipe Outs/Drop Outs were primo too, as were 3 and 5 in the morning before the top opened.  I declined Balls-to-the-Wall, which I saw being skied. Someone attached a video of that to my report:


There are too many lifts closed for wind today for us to go out.  Closed lifts include 1,3,5,9,22 as well as the top.  2 and 10 opened at 10:45 and 16 at 12:45.  The lower mountain softened yesterday so some of it may be firm today.  Tomorrow is still expected to be calm, sunny and warmer.

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The morning was awful but the wind let up after about 1pm. Chair 3 and 23 had really good soft wind buff so that saved the day. I skied dropout and wipeout for the first time and was loving how soft the snow was up there.
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We held off until 10:30 and skied what was open for a few hours. There was great wind buff everywhere. It sounds like we bailed too early though. We gave up on waiting for the upper mountain.
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We gave up too, left our condo 1:45PM and went out to Hot Creek and Convict Lake for a couple of hours.  It was past 3PM before I noticed the upper lifts had opened. We will be out there tomorrow, hopefully near opening at chair 2.

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Wed was killer, guys dropping some lines on top of the world that were huggggge !
Wind hold this morning but turned out fun.
Tomorrow should be a killer day.
cya on top..
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Any recommendations for tomorrow? I haven't been up here for like five years, so I can't remember what to aim for. We'll be three people tomorrow, and then another five will join for Sat./Sun. I'm down with steep flats/trees/challenging stuff, but don't like when it gets too bumpy.
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There are very few bumps around within the weather of the past 2 weeks.  I estimate the upper 40% of the mountain that was winter snow Wednesday will start out that way tomorrow and ski great all day.  Other areas will be in melt/freeze mode, with good spring snow by midmorning around 9, 25 and Canyon Lodge.   Similarly the chair 14 backside will be best when the sun gets it in the afternoon. Anything flat will be in soft but not sticky spring mode by 11AM or so. Some of the base areas might get a bit slushy by mid-afternoon, Eagle for sure and maybe Canyon too.


With the warming temperatures more bumps will develop in ungroomed areas, particularly those that are sun softened.  With rising temperatures the melt/freeze will advance up the mountain, possibly leaving only the steepest upper runs in winter mode for the weekend.  The point at which the entire mountain will go to spring conditions I can't say precisely but it's probably within a few days given the warm weather prediction.

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Cool, thanks! Appreciate it. Then I'll go straight for the steepest upper runs directly, lol.
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Bar is open in cabin I2!
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We'll be headed up today!
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Let me know of you want to do a few runs? The people from my group that came in late yesterday were mumbling something about sleeping in until 10am : /

I'll be by the mountain by 8:15.

Where's a got place to park, I read somewhere that you take Meridian as far as you can and walk/shuttle. Any other ideas?
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