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Ski length dilemma

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I am considering a few pair of skis and the offered lengths are either short or longer than my current length.  Currently I ski a Dynastar Cham 97 184  listed below are some of the options I am considering. I used to ski a Rossignol Phantom 87 179.  With the Cham I increased length which was not a problem - seemed a little longer but got over it.  Now the following are either slightly shorter or  a little longer than my Chams.  I am inclined to consider 180 length at this time.


Dynastar Cham 117  180 or 190

Rossignol Super 7     180 or 188


I am possibly considering others skis as well.


I am 5'11" and weigh 190 and consider myself to be an advanced skier.

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My BC skis over the years have always been shorter than my lift served skis.  Usually by about 8-10cm.


I have short legs and the shorter skis are much more manageable on kick turns going up.  


There is the obvious weight advantage of both the ski and the skin being shorter.


Lastly although I ski more difficult terrain in the BC, my speed is more conservative as is my overall skiing style.


I am a couple inches shorter and 30 pounds lighter and I ski a 177 to 184 in the BC.


So yes, go with your gut.

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