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New All-Terrain Skis for advanced intermediate?

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40 yo, 5'11'' 190lbs; level 7+ or so.

Have been skiing Dynastar Legend Sultan 85 in 178 for past 6 years (although, was 206lbs at the time when I got those).

Skiing mainly in Pacific Northwest - home mountain is Stevens pass, then Whistler, may venture out to Big White, etc.

Pushing more and more off-piste, getting into trees/steeper terrain and tempted to move on to something with rocker-camber.


Looking for guidance on what to look for and in what lengths, etc.



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We are of a similar build and weight and I had Sultans years ago (I wasn't a big fan after loving my previous Mythic Riders).  Anyways, the Sultans were replaced with a ski that was 94 underfoot that I liked a lot more and now my two skis that are similar are Elan Amphibio 88 xti's and a pair of Atomic Vantage 100 cti's.

For where you ski, I would look in the Atomics. Really a great ski with decent float, very good edge grip and with the bit of tip rocker, are super easy to turn. Read the reviews on them. I think they are a good call for you.

Edit to add, I bought the 180's but could easily ski the 187 if I didn't want to be able to make fast turns.

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Hi there - my SO and I ski in Alberta and Interior BC, and we both spent some time demo-ing the Nordica lines last year and were super impressed. We both demoed the Nordica NRGY 100 and the NRGY 107 and both loved them. They were really great in a variety of conditions, from groomers to steeps and powder. They were playful and really responsive - I think they are a great ski when you are learning bumps and trees. We also tried the Nordica Enforcer/Santa Anas and we both were really big fans of that ski too. They have a more all mountain feel (even though they are 100 underfoot) but they were really fun - I would say that they are 'charge-y' and like an aggressive handler, but actually they feel really accessible for an intermediate-advanced skier. They also have a pretty small turning radius - BF took Enforcer and I took the Santa Ana into trees and we loved them in the trees. I'm 5'7" and liked a 170 in the Santa Ana and a 177 in the NRGYs. SO is similar to your stats - he's 6'0" and 200 lbs and liked 185 in both. We actually both liked the Nordicas so much that we thought either of these skis would make a perfect western one-ski quiver. If you have a chance - definitely demo!

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Might be worth demoing the Kastle FX 95 in a 189.  I would definitely demo both the HP and non HP.  I personally like the non HP (no metal).   I would also try it out on both groomed and off piste.  The 181 is probably a bit short for you but might also be worth demoing.  I tried various combinations between the 173 and 181.  For my size, the 181 off piste is great but seems a bit long on the groomed front side. 

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The 4th post before a mention of Kastle...must be some kind of a record

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I really enjoyed Blizzard Brahma rental skis this past season.  173cm length.  I enjoy bumps and making short turns.


I am 6'0", 210 lbs.  Advanced skier.  I would have tried 180 if they had them in stock.  I skied them in April at Whistler.

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