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Recruiting 10 ski instructors and 1 elite race coach in China

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Zhao Quan International Ski School in China is recruiting 10 ski instructors and 1 elite race coach


Our Philosophy


We are a newly established international ski school in China, and we are as far as we know, the very first to start working on athlete race training. We want to improve the quality of trainings and gradually build up professionalism in China by becoming an elite ski academy and keeping the standard high. We sincerely invite quality ski instructors and coaches to join us in China.


Who we are looking for


We intend to recruit:


- 10 ski instructors/coaches: 

Our basic requirements for ski instructors/coaches to apply are as follows: 

  1. Be a good skier technically,
  2. Hold Alpine level 3 ISIA qualification (or equivalent) or above,
  3. Have at least 6 years of teaching experience,
  4. Be a good person and be passionate about the sport.

If you are interested in joining us and you think you satisfy our requirements, please don't hesitate to send us your resume by private message and we will contact you.


- A senior ski instructor/coach

If you are amazing in skiing and very experienced in team management and training instructors, please contact us. 


- An elite race coach

For the racing program, we are looking for one elite race coach. It is a great opportunity to make history with us. If you think you are       very strong at coaching athletes for the Olympics and World Cups, please message us directly.


Working with us as a ski instructor - Q&A: 


1. Where and when do we work:

We work in Chongli area, mostly Wanlong Ski Resort from mid November to mid March. We're mainly looking for full time commitment.

2. Do you provide accommodation?

Yes, and every instructor will have at least a single room. 

3. Do you provide transportation?

We will have a shuttle bus transporting the instructors and coaches to and from work. 

4. How much wage will I get?

For instructors, it ranges between 200-300CNY/hour. It depends on your level and experience. We encourage instructors to get more bookings and we will give bonus to those who get most bookings.

5. Is there a minimum wage?

We provide accommodation and transportation for every employee, so that they can easily make a living in China even if they cannot get much working hours. However we still have a minimum wage policy for this year, that if an instructor is not getting any work for a day, then we give them 100CNY for this day. 

6. How are the wages paid:

In China, the wages are normally paid on the 20th of each month. But if requested, we can pay the wages every week if possible. We can also pay in foreign currencies to their foreign bank account on request.

7. How is the work like:

There will be individual lessons, group lessons, and winter camps.


If there is any other question, please feel free to contact us by private message and send us your resume.

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I am interested in the the coach job.

My name is Mario and i am from Austria, have C-Trainer (highest Coache education in Austria) and as well the highest ski instructor one. Been Coach ing since 2004 and the last 6 Years in Australia in Southern hemisphere and Austria in the Nordern hemisphere. The last 3 years as Head Coach. At the moment i am in New Zealand to the 2 of Oktober. Please feel free to contact me by private message.

Kindest Regards

Mario Hanausek

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Wanlong is about 4 hours drive (normal traffic) from Beijing, the place is not big (by US & Europe standard). There is only one hotel and one restaurant at Wanlong unless you are prepared to drive or take a taxi, but I guess you won't be staying in a hotel.  One of the nuisance is pick-pocket, quite a few of them around, so watch your back.

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Hey that's the same resort last year where some guy got brutally beaten by resort staff and instructors for teaching on their turf. biggrin.gif
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Wow seems like some guys here had a bad trip to Wanlong ski resort. Or heard "some other guy" had a bad trip and remembered it. I'm sorry to hear it bothers. I personally have been skiing in Wanlong since it opened more than 10 years ago, and I guess I just went lucky that I haven't run into any of the incidents you mentioned for all these years. I am sure that as the largest and the only ski resort making profit in China right now, this is a huge business and bad things do happen. Just as any other ski resorts. That is because people are coming to this place. But seriously guys, as a person who's been living in China and skiing the majority of my seasons in Wanlong, I'm surprised to hear these things for the first time actually from EpicSki. 


FYI: You're NOT permitted to work as an individual ski instructor in Wanlong. This is their policy. (Unless you want to get beaten up...) I did once before and they politely informed me about this. They only cooperate with ski schools. That's why you shouldn't work alone but join us instead. They have come to us to discuss our cooperation in this season just days ago. Join us and you'll be treated by "those guys" nice and friendly. :) 


Or if you are getting worried about Wanlong, good news for you that we're cooperating with other ski resorts too so you're still welcome to join us.


P.S. Please PM me if you are interested, because EpicSki does not allow personal contact info in public domain. Thank you.

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And ah, definitely not only one restaurant in Wanlong. And the food is the best! We provide transport to and from the resort to your accommodation in Chongli town which is about 10 minutes' drive. No worries. We won't let you walk 10 km down hill to where you live. :)

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Wanlong seems to connect up with Secret Garden; is there a joint lift pass? What's the day rate for skiing?
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Originally Posted by jimintokyo View Post

Wanlong seems to connect up with Secret Garden; is there a joint lift pass? What's the day rate for skiing?

No way, wanlong is a lot more expensive than SS, their season pass this year is 2210 USD, SS is 1340 USD (more than double last year's)
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