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I've been out of ski-ing for a good few years (arrival of child, lack of cash, &c) and a revolution has clearly taken place in my absence! I'm heading to Wengen (my fave Swiss resort) in March and haven't a clue what skis to hire! In my shed are some relics from the 20th century - a pair of Rossi 4S 190s and a pair of 195 K2s (can't remember model). However, unlike WhosThatGirl, I'm super-excited at the prospect of joining the 21st century and am more than willing to adjust my style.

Only problem is: I haven't a clue what length of ski I should be looking at, what cut, what anything really!

I'll not be doing anything too adventurous in Wengen (holidaying alone with child, so can't take risks!), but I class myself as an advanced ski-ier with plenty of all-terrain and off-piste behind me, including heli-ski-ing. I'm fit (distance runner), in my 40s, weigh 133lbs and am 5'7".

Advice on boots would also be welcome, though they don't appear to have undergone the same degree of revolution. I have a 10-year-old pair of Langes in the loft - will these be happy working with today's skis or should I go shopping soonest?

Cheers from Scotland

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If you go to a good hire shop in Wengen & tell them what you've said here, they should give you a suitable pair of skis!

(Carefully not answering the question)
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...Watch the fox take the bait...

On the boots, if they still fit and are comfortable... Keep them, don't hire boots in the resort, they woun't be as good a fit.

As for the skis - I think you could consider the Rossi Bandit X or XX, or K2 Axis X or Pro. Length probably less than 175. I know the euro resorts aren't in to demoing the same way the US ones are, so you may struggle to test a variety of them.

The other important thing is TAKE LESSONS cause the technique has changed since you were on your straights.

And the next post will be from someone with better ideas than mine...

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If the boots still fit and are not to packed out stick with them. Boots really have not changed much (especially Langes) in the last 10 years.

You'll love the new skis, I skied on old straight skis last week since my skis were in the shop and had to go rent a pair because I was miserable on the skis I loved 2 years prior. Any shape ski will be better then a straight ski but just ask the rental shop what they have in a mid-fat.
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HEY! I saw that!

Clearly I can't offer any advice on skis. Have a good time in Wengen though. I've skied the whole Interlaken/Jungfrau/Wengen region and just loved it. So beautiful. It's my favorite area as well. Have a great time!
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