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Rossignol Hero LT TI

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Hi everyone! I would like to hear some opinions of the the Rossi Hero LT TI (non-fis gs). Im a high school racer looking for a solid non-fis gs for high school races and for a fun carver off the course. I'm 5 11 and weigh 155 lbs and have been skiing since i was 3. I live in wonderful Wisconsin so we don't have hills with a lot of vertical so I'm looking for a ski with a max of 23m. I like the 19m radius of the 176s but I feel the 183s will give me some more stability at speed but I can't find a radius on the 183s. I really wish there was a 180. Which would you guys recommend? Also any opinions on the Fischer RC4 WC RC in 180? Both those are on sale but I feel the Rossi's would be better for me not sure though. Thanks!
P.S. my coach left otherwise I would ask him
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I'm bumping this up for you since you haven't got a response.

I just bought myself a pair of the LT 183 as a non-racing carver to suit my Clydesdale size and icy PA hills. Looking forward to putting them to use this coming season. I found your post as I was trying to search for a reference to the base and side edge angles for the LT. Any responses from the forum would be appreciated.

Good luck with your coming season! I went to UW-Madison for grad school and my wife's from the West Bend area. We were just back there in WI up north for pike fishing over the summer. Great fun!
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The 183 Rossi Hero is supposed to be a 19.x meter radius, the 176 is a 17.x meter ski.

What are your team mates on?  The Hero LT in 183, fischer in 180, volkl in 180 and Rossi master M21 would all likely be good skis.

Any interest in a 21 meter Atomic Jr. GS ski from the 2011-2012 range?  They carve darn hard with my 185 lbs on top of them, they just don't initiate fast enough for our league hill.

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