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2016 Flashback: Dog Days to Powder Days

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We've had a heck of a string of hot days in the mid-Atlantic.  Humid too.  In the Wash DC area the eight days preceding last Friday had a high temperature of 95 degs F or higher. Hopefully, this heat wave is going to break soon.  But I'm already looking for a mental break, so here's a fotographic flashback of some of my best powder experiences from last winter.  


X-C skiing in 6" of new snow with my wife at Canaan Valley State Park, WV on 1/22/16:


Deepest snow I skied all winter, two feet of new snow from Winter Storm Jonas at Canaan Valley Ski Area on 1/23/16; Patroler Paul:


Snowshoeing with my wife later same day:


The day after Winter Storm Jonas was unbelievable at Timberline Ski Area, WV, 1/24/16.  This is Matt in Cherry Bowl Glades (track heading towards camera is mine ;) )


More of my best buddies at Timberline, Jimmy:






My son Vince at Snowbird on 1/27/16.  He handed me my head on a platter this day.  I found the snow and terrain very challenging.


skiNEwhere going for sloppy seconds in Hanging Valley Glades at Snowmass during the February EpicSki Gathering:


skiNEwhere again in Olympic Bowl at Highlands:



My friend Tucker over by Deep Temerity at Aspen Highlands, Feb 2016.  Ski like a girl:


Tim hovering over the Highland Bowl runout, Feb 2016


Albuquerque Bill at Snowbird 3/31/16:


MarzNC, same day:


Possibly my favorite day of the ski season, Apr 1, 2016; packed powder can be almost as nice as deep powder when the sun comes out like this day in Mineral Basin, Snowbird:


Same day in Great Scott, it was as friendly as Big Emma this day:


Yours truly next day at Alta.  Thanks to Spikedog for the rare photo when my skis are mostly pointed downhill:rolleyes



Think snow!!!

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Nice pics...you certainly had some reeaally good days last year. 

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Great pics (as usual) Jim.  Been hot summer in AL also, but actually cooler (80s) the past 10 days.  Looking forward to winter trips out West.

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Some really nice shots.  Looks like everyone was having a great time.  Snowbird shot reminded me of how much I'm looking forward to Targhee.  @skiNEwhere had a great video of his trip to Telluride on youtube.

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A mini-TR from July 2016 in Australia, also a demo day:



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Some sick days there it looks like! I miss skiing Snowbird, but had a great time at Baker these last 3 seasons (well, 2 of them anyway...). This year I'm gonna have to learn to set an edge and really carve again though!

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