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Head Ispeed tip

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What is with the wide tips on the new Ispeed? Looks a bit odd? Looks a little wide for a 19 R cheater ski?

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It feels like the shovels engage more into the turn.
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Why don't they do this on the other GS skis?

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Close up view.



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Do you have the specs?  Mine at 180cm are 112-66-94 and that agrees with the Artech site for 2017 ispeeds.


For me, the mid is a touch to narrow and on headwalls I boot the course - I could probably fix it with a plate riser.

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170cm/19m tr/90/65/109mm dynastar course wc.
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I've got a pair of the iGSRD's (35m) of 2 years ago without the shovel and I have a pair of Nordica's that have a similar toned down version of the new Head shovel.


The big different is at the top of the turn.


With a shovel I thought was more prone to catching the edge earlier but the initial grip wasn't strong. Free skiing and on the tighter radii it felt fun, which is why I keep the Nordicas in my usual line-up. But the none shovel grip was either on or off (35m), but not prone to as much slip when slamming 100% on every turn.


Honestly, I like the shovel over the none-shovel. It looks a little funny at first but it's charming under foot.

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Coming from straight skis with really curly tips wink.gif and now skiing on a set of slant nose Omiglass the lack of tips seems to reduce the tip at a bit and produces less vibration and slightly more responsive. The second thing in the newer skis is the slight early rise skis have in them. This refined balance allows for a smooth and gentler initiation of transition on agressively set skis.

In short increases performance and makes them predictable. I must say watching the changes as they progressed on skis it looks like a balance has been struck for the near future in camber and early rise (I would have never said early rise was a good thing before) and it appears to be a good balance.

As to the tips, think of it as unsprung weight on a car (i.e. wheel, suspension, brakes ETC), the higher it is the slower it reacts, ski tips are the same. Just enough tip to keep it from diggin in, enough removed to reduce the weight.
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Actually the tails are quite a bit different also.







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They ski nice....Rossi started this trend almost 10 years ago trying to get around the sidecut rules.
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I demoed them at the end of last year. I immediately wanted the rebel sl and the rebel I speed. Best ski I have been on in several years. Could not afford this year's model but over the summer bought both of last year's model. Very excited to get on the skis.
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