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Atomic Hawx Ultra 110 vs Lange RS 110

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I can't decide between the Atomic Hawx Ultra 110 and the Lange RS 110.  I went to the only bootfitter in town and they did not have an ideal solution in my size, so I have no choice to look online.  I will still take it to him for fitting/molding/custom footbed.  He tried to fit me in a 26.5 but my big toe is being crushed inside so badly that I don't think there is any way it can be punched out far enough, so I'm going with a 27.5.  I have a very narrow foot with a moderately high instep.  As I see it, the advantages are:


Atomic Hawx Ultra 110

  • Shell is heat moldable
  • Possibly more comfortable
  • Adjustable stance
  • Cantable toe & heel
  • Lighter


Lange RS 110

  • Not a touring boot (I only ski downhill)
  • Possibly better performance
  • Possibly more durable due to thicker shell
  • Cheaper, although I can afford both


After 3 ACL surgeries I do not ski real hard any more, and generally try to avoid moguls, so performance is not a big priority.  Skis are Kastle MX88.  TIA for your advice.

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ok so both boots are 110 flex (they will be slightly different as different plastics react differently at temperature)

both boots are 97/98mm lasts as each is measured slightly differently they come up pretty close

toe box height on the atomic is a lot greater than that of the lange


being as we can't see your feet it is impossible to say what boot will be better than the other


what does your foot measure on a brannock mondopoint measure (a US9 means nothing in ski boot terms) what was the shell check on each boot? in mm, it is very common to feel a boot is too small when first trying it on, with the right tools you can push a shell a long way


both boots are great for the right foot, they will give you good performance in the correct size if they are the correct shape for your foot (obviously no boot is perfect but shells can be adjusted if the general shape and volume is good)


the atomic is a brand new shell so you won't find that in a sale so i would suggest either getting your fitter to order it for you or find a shop which has it and can fit it for you... no point buying a boot at full price somewhere then paying somewhere else to do work on it which would be free had you bought it from them

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So for anyone who is interested, I ended up getting the Atomic Hawx Ultra 110.  The 27.5 turned out to be perfect for my size 11 feet.  And these boots are excellent for someone with narrow feet like me.  Skied 4 days at Aspen and couldn't be happier.  They are super comfortable, though I do recommend aftermarket insoles.


I got them for $375 at Sport Conrad, had them shipped over from Germany.  That's because no one in the US had them for less than $500.  They showed up in just 12 days.  No VAT and no import tariff on anything less than $800.

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