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Help with buying new skis

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Looking to buy new skis for out the door touring with some down hills. I am a intermediate level skier to include tele. I have been skiing of all types since the late 80s and my equipment reflects that as well. I want a new set for this year for off trail/ simple backcountry with the ability to do a tele turn or two. I have been looking at the Fischer Spider 62, and the Rossignol BC 70. I would be using Volie 3 pin bindings with 75mm leather boots because that's what I have. Any recommendation is greatly appreciated.
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Personally, I like a wider ski than those, especially since you want to use a 75mm boot.  I'd go more toward the backcountry tour end of the spectrum.



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Thanks. I'm am also looking at the BC 90s as well. That may be better suited for that set up.
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