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Lift closures St days end?

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I enjoy skiing to the death of an afternoon and like to get the last lift to the top of the mountain so I've got one last long run at the end of the day. What time does your mountain call last drinks? I'm specifically interested in Mammoth Alta Snowbird Aspen Jackson Telluride and Sun Valley. I have been to some of these but can't remember closing times. I think Alta may have run one lift to 4.30pm?
Thanks in advance.
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Aspen will be 3:30 in January, then 4:00 after mid February.
They always give you an extra five minutes at the gondola.
They also typically open 10-15 minutes early and the skiing usually a heck of a lot better.
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You didn't ask about Mt. Baker, but it closes at 3:30.  It opens at 9:00, and they don't mean 8:59:59 or 9:00:01.  You can set your watch by first chair.

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At Sun Valley, lifts to the top close at 3:45, lower lifts close at 4:00, Seattle Ridge and the bowls close at 3:30.

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I thought most of the big mountains varied throughout the season depending on when sunset is and what the weather is like (at least the one's I've visited are like that - Vail, Aspen, Mammoth, Squalpine), so you'd have to specify the date. 


Vail closed at 3:30 when I was there in February (and actually they close in stages - Blue Sky closed at 2:30, the back bowls at 3:00, and the front side at 3:30, to force people back to the village). 


Mammoth closed at 4:00 in March I believe when I was there, but actually closed earlier later in the season (June) when the weather was too warm. 

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