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As to getting boots right, a sad truth that sometimes gets quoted around here is that most only finally get boot fit right at or even beyond their third pair. And that's among the avid (rabid?) skiers who hang around here. The majority of the skiing public surely are swimming in their boots. It will take quite an effort to avoid that fate.

And as to getting a lesson from someone who actually remembers straight skis: Right On! I had such a lesson about 12 years ago up at Mammoth. Best Franklin I ever invested.
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I'm trying to figure out how we got 20 posts into a thread about buying new skis without emphasizing boots? Especially when the OP mentions that his boots are at least 16 years old?


First things first, buy yourself a new pair of boots. And buy them from a qualified bootfitter. That doesn't mean any random guy in a store selling ski equipment. It means someone with extensive training and experience in how to properly size and fit ski boots.


Of course you're right, but it's sad that every "new ski" thread devolves into a "boots first" thread, and then, more recently, into some genius who just KNOWS exactly what flex he should be buying without any clue whatsoever about his skiing specifics :rolleyes.


OK, to the OP, yes, sadly, while skis are a lot more sexy, no doubt you should get a REALLY good fitting pair of boots first. They will probably not be inexpensive, and will intrude into your ski budget,  but they will be what you need to progress. Trust me, that in 48 years on the snow, I continue to learn that lesson with every new pair of boots and refinement I go through, and I've had bootfitting by some legendary shops in North America. Go to the best store you can find for bootfitting, then suck it up. Really. My latest are from Superfoot after going through everything else I could find with good fitting including the Fischer Vacuum's, now FINALLY I have something that works. Superfoot doesn't necessarily get a lot of love around here, and I understand that, but they worked for me, but I have Frankenfeet. If you more normal feet, there may well be an off-the-shelf (and much cheaper) solution.


Again, while there's lot of bright and shiny skis looking for you to take them home (worse than a dog pound, really), boots are where it'll be for you. The good news is that there's lots of little used skis that will be completely work for you that are available at a fraction of new price, so the boot price won't be so bad in the long run. I have a couple of pairs of Dynastars (8000 and Mythic Riders -80 and 88mm), that were my first real "sorta" shaped skis, AND they accept the transition from a "traditional" style very well while being able to carve extremely well They are still at my buds house in the northleast, and will have to have him sell them for me some day, but they can be had on Ebay for almost nothing, and they're great skis. Even things from 3-4 years ago are readily available, and for where you're at now, completely acceptable.


Seems like your in CO - buy new boots, and go to the upcoming ski swaps and take a recommendation from here (except - friends don't let friends do K2 - they're not Camry's, they're Chrysler 200's - you know, you can put lipstick on a pig, but.....).  Some of the recent Nordica's, Fischer's, etc are what you're looking for. Of course, if a Kastle MX88 does come you way (166mm), GRAB IT. It has a tradityional shape and traditional materials, and skis well for a traditional skier, BUT, it you use it with a modern technique it'll run circles around most anything else (I have 2 pairs in 2 quivers).


Oh, and as promulgated by the legendary and much loved Shane McSlonkey (RIP), it's a "SLARVE", sliding carve. Watch him in some of the Matchstick films and you'll understand. Do a loooong slarve then tweek the skis hard onto their edges. Do and repeat!

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Thanks for the additional feedback, everyone.  Hopefully I can find an old-school instructor who can help me with the transition.  

I found a pretty good deal at Christy's Powder Daze this past week for some boots. The 2015 NRGY Pro 2 120.  From what I

understand, Nordicas are bootfitter friendly (also has a moldable cork inner lining).  All the boots I've skied on have been 

Nordica, also.  They retail at $600 or $650 I believe and I was able to get them for $210.  My ski mag from 2015 featured the

NRGY Pro 1 as one of their tested boots and said to also consider the NRGY Pro 2.  Hopefully I did OK on this, but I think

I may have gotten a good one at a bargain price.  Felt pretty good on my feet and has a 100 last, so not as narrow.  Have

my eyes on possibly getting a powder ski soon, but will definitely wait to demo the shape skis at the Loveland demo day.   

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