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Aussie skiing weekend.

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Thanks to the good folks at Mountain Collective we've scored a couple of days at Australia's highest 'lifted' mountain and hill with the longest runs - Thredbo. The conditions are reasonable for Australia - the snow stayed dry all day and there's adequate cover. We skied from 8.30am to 4.45pm with 15 minutes break for morning tea and 20 minutes for lunch. The result is that great feeling of being happily exhausted (it makes the beer taste even better). The run tracker says we managed 9000metres vertical but more importantly we had a blast. We've been spoilt in recent years skiing the likes of Alta, Snowbird, Whistler, Mammoth, Banff etc. But what Aussie skiing lacks in snow quality and tree rain it makes up in 'uniqueness'. To my knowledge it's the only place in the world to ski through Snow Gums.
Another day tomorrow - good to keep our ski legs tuned in for in for our northern hemisphere winter trip to Aspen, Alta, Jackson and Sun Valley. Incidentally that will give our family of 4 a total of 11 days skiing for $798!!
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Hurrah!  Welcome to skiing downunder.  Hope you have a blast.  


The only advice I can offer is to not drop the shoulder on the snowgums ... they fight back.



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Awesome. Wish I was there. 

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Had another day on the hill yesterday. Same decent conditions and once again we had s ball. Probably as good conditions that I've ever experienced in Australia and New Zealand. Nice dry cold snow - no melt!
Plenty of people on the mountain but longest wait was 5 minutes on the Kozzie Express early morning.
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Nice one.  Did you get caught up in the revelry associated with the Top to Bottom races on Saturday?

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No. Just cruised the hill all day.
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