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"Thermomoldable" Liners

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It is time for new boots and I'm just doing some online window shopping.  A number of boots I've looked at state that they have "thermomoldable liners."  Lange boots come to mind.  I'm wondering how the molding process works these days.  Are the liners heated and then fitted quickly or is it still like the "old days," where one stood frozen in place like an artist's model for 30 minutes?


I'll definitely be going to a good bootfitter - I'm just curious about the process and can't really find anything online.

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There are boot brands like Dalbello, K2, and Full tilt that come with fully heat moldable Intuition branded liners that will not fit best until they are molded. The process takes about 30 minutes and is probably best done by an experienced boot fitter at a shop that has the proper oven for heating and toe caps and padding to aid in the customisation. That said there is a whole "sub-culture" of wing nuts that are either too smart or too cheap to go to a ski shop for heat molding. Google heat molding intuition liners, and you will have access to thousands of ways to poorly heat mold your Intuition liners in the comfort of your own home...


The rest of the liners out there that say they are heat moldable like the lange you mention, have some heat foldable EVA foam that is layered into the liner. You can heat these liners up to allow them to get a little shape change and give the impression of what the boot will feel like once broken in. Those liners do not need to be heat set to ski well. You would end up with about the same fit if you went out and skied the boots for 5 days without heat setting. 


So, they are either fully heat moldable, or "fit assisted moldable" The main difference is that the the heat and the length of time needed to mold a fully moldable is hotter and longer than the "heat assisted" liners. 


They both can get the job done effectively. It is widely believed that a full intuition liner can be warmer than liners that have heat settable EVA foam in them.



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Thank you for providing such a thorough response.  This is very helpful. :)

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