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Looking for New Boots

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I have a old pair of Nordica boots that have served their purpose for many years but never fit perfect. This year I want to finally get a custom boot fitting and all the bells and whistles so my feet feel great with no pressure spots. What brand should I be look at? I ski all mountain and am purchasing the new Rossignol Soul 7 HD here in a few weeks so would like something that compliments these skis.
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The boot steers the ski---depending on how it "fits" around the foot.  The more important thing about the former sentence is "Who" does the fitting.  Seek out a boot fitter like you would a heart surgeon, (if you needed one)---- he will be able to asses your foot type and performance needs and get you into a boot that really works.


So rather than recommend a boot we recommend the boot fitter---there is a list of fitters under "Who's who in ask the boot guys" at the top of the first page of "Ask the boot guys".  See if anyone is near you and go see him---forget about the brand or color or matching the skis!



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