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Season Pass Insurance

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For $15 you can insure your Arizona Snowbowl season pass against injury, change of job location and pregnancy. The insurance is offered through Arizona Snowbowl for all their passes.The cost of your season pass is refunded on a sliding scale based on how far into the season you make the claim. If, for instance, you were to break a leg in the off season, the insurance would refund 95% of your season pass cost. The amount drops to zero by mid Feb. Not bad considering that most of us who ski also participate in off season activities that could result in injury.


I took the insurance, would you?

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If I skied there, yeah. But here, that just come with the pass. No refunds in April, but even in March.

Basically, that coverage is just in the pass price of $630. However, they deduct window prices from the amount refunded based on your usage.

Also includes if you leave the area.
Whitefish Mountain Resort Season Passes are sold on a non-refundable basis. However, we
understand that unforeseen circumstances may prevent the full use of a Season Pass.
WMR will consider the following scenario’s as reason for credit:
1. If a pass-holder becomes injured, ill, or develops a medical condition precluding the use of their pass, we
will consider extending them a partial reimbursement based on the price they paid for their pass, the daily
ticket rate for any days used, and the date the claim was filed with the GIS office. All claims based on
medical reasons must be accompanied by a letter or note from their attending physician.
2. If a pass-holder is required to move from their residence to a location outside of a 100 mile radius from
Whitefish for work or family related reasons. We will consider extending them a partial reimbursement
based on the price they paid for their pass, the daily ticket rate for any days used and the date the claim
was filed with the GIS office. If a pass is purchased while already residing more than 100 miles from
Whitefish (Montana), it will not qualify for reimbursement consideration. All claims based on relocation
must be accompanied by a letter or note from their employer or a copy of change of address notification
through the United States Post Office.
16/17 Season, “Date of Claim Deadlines” will be applied to all pass reimbursement requests.

Date of Claim Max Reimbursement
On or Prior to Dec. 31st 100%
On or Prior to Jan. 31st 75%
On or Prior to Feb. 28th 50%
On or Prior to Mar. 31st 25%
The credit amount is calculated using the following formula:
Pass Purchase Price – Window Rate for Days Used (age appropriate) x (Date of Claim Deadline) = Reimbursement Amount
Example: WMR Pass holder skies 3 days in December, 2 days in January and then has to relocate to
Washington for work. 5 days of skiing at $73 a day = $365 value in day tickets. The pass was purchased for
$620, minus the $365 for days used = $255. The claim was submitted before the January claim deadline so the
reimbursement would be 75% of $255 or $191.25.
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First it's important to know the details of what the insurance plans are NOT.
It is not a guarantee for the whole season, As sib said, most of the insurance plans discount the days used.  So once you've broke even in day tickets, the insurance then loses it's value.  Often this is done in very few days once the season starts as day tickets are very expensive.  
Also these insurance plans are not a cheap cancellation policy.  You need to have a qualifying condition to get a claim, you can't just say you decided not to ski this year.
So then what really is covered is just severe medical during the offseason.   So what you're betting is you you have a debilitating injury within the next 6months that for your $15 or $20, you get $600.  
Hopefully you aren't betting for injury and if it should happen your ski pass maybe the least of your worries and you might not even remember to file your claim.  
The traditional thought pattern for insurance is a hedge to provide future money in the case of an unfortunate situations.  Say car insurance where if your car is totalled, you need money to repair or buy a new car, or medical insurance where a medical bill needs to be paid for.  
If you don't  pay the ski rental insurance on rental skis and the skis break, you would be at a loss for an extra $600 by the ski shop which could be something you might not afford.  
That scenario to protect against loss is not the case here.  For ski pass insurance, If you do break your leg, will getting the $600 ski pass money back be something you really need? No, that is money that is you already spent for "recreation".  So while it's a shame you can't ski, you don't really need protection to replace the "recreation" that you lost.
So I view ski pass insurance is just a "bet" and somewhat tempts the gods.  Moreover it obviously must be a bad bet with a house edge as the plans must be profitable to the insurance companies otherwise they wouldn't offer it.
I suppose an open scenario where the odds can be in your favor is if you are female and are planning for pregnancy, but unsure if that would happen this summer, because that scenario is under your control and you are planning to some degree.

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I think there was a recent case where pregnancy wasn't covered.

In my 35 years of having a season pass, I've never purchased insurance. Most 3rd party insurers charge about 6%, so my next two passes are free!
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At Copper it's pro rated at $60 per day skied.  It includes any injury or sickness that keeps you from skiing,  Pregnancy or complications from pregnancy.  For work related things you need to read the fine print.  It includes things like you have to move more than 200 miles because of your job, *NON* voluntary separation.  Sketchy area is if you are offered a package and take it.  It is not covered but there are spins that would be worth discussing before buying.  Military deployment or move.

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