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Super Feet Custom Carbons? Any advice?

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So I just recently got a new pair of Atomic Carbon Waymaker 130's off backcountry. I know what you will all say why didn't you go to a bootfitter? Well I went to 2 in the jackson area and neither had a boot with the features I wanted in a size 25.5 this late in the summer. So I tried on several and really liked the 26.5 of the Waymaker but obviously needed a size down. Hence why I ordered offline. Now i have done a test of the boots at the end of the day with ski socks on and they fit awesome. Nice and comfortable with no pain. Buying them so far from the season though I am worried my experience on the slope may differ from the 2 hours I spent with them on at home. So Saturday I am heading over to a local shop to meet with their master boot fitter and have the liners heat molded. They also suggested looking into a pair of Super Feet Custom Carbons as well. Personally I have never had much pain from ski boots. Occasional shin bang and a little pain in my left knee but nothing major. This is from my old boots which were 2011-12 Full Tilt High Fives with no aftermarket insoles. My question is are the custom carbon's necessary or as someone who doesn't get a lot of pain anyway it would be better to just pick up some ttf option? Also what are opinions on the Custom Carbons? Would it be worth the extra $50 to get full customs? Thanks for any help you guys can give and sorry for the super long paragraph.

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Hi Grizzly,


Before we discuss the need for custom footbeds----please read through the above article and perform a shell check as per the description.


If you can put on and be perfectly comfortable in a brand new pair of boots that haven't been skied in yet, then I would question the shell check.


I have read that "over the counter" Super feet footbeds will reduce elongation by 40% and Full customs will reduce elongation by 90%---in order for a foot to elongate the arch has to collapse---I think a 50% improvement is worth looking into.



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Thanks for the response. I have performed a shell fit test and it comes up within normal parameters. When I say no pain I'm referring to alarming pain indicative of a misfit. The boot is still tight to put on with good ankle hold and slight discomfort around the calf and midsection.
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we sell a lot of the superfeet product, but also a lot of instaprint and sidas, it is all about finding the best product for YOUR foot, there are not many bad insoles out there but there are a lot of either badly made or inappropriate insoles out there.... if a boot fitter can tell you what insole to use before he has looked at your feet then he should be retired by now sipping cocktails by the beach on all the money he should have made  

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Thanks for the input! Had the liners molded cuffs aligned and had her check the boot fit. Everything went well and I decided to hold off on insoles until I can get work done at my local shop. Currently working out west for the summer.

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