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August 2016 Image of the Month Thread

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Hello All,


We will still be running the image of the month contests and users will get the badge that comes with being our featured photographer. Now that ski season has effectively ended in the Northern Hemisphere feel free to post pictures biking, hiking, from your vacation to wherever, etc. This contest is for great photographs, not just skiing related shots. Note that there is a new rule in place starting this month. 




  1. The image must be your own and taken during the month of August 2016. 
  2. Please submit one image per post; you can submit up to three images/posts per month. 
  3. Please put a brief description of the image (where, what, when, or any other interesting details). 
  4. Voters can vote for as many images as they like. 
  5. Images do not need to be SOTC (straight out of the camera), standard editing and even HDR shots are welcome and encouraged. However please do not submit composite shots** in the contest thread as the idea is the best image you can capture rather than the best picture that you can create in Photoshop. 


Also not a rule, but an explanation. Please vote for the images you like! At the bottom of the post there is a little thumbs up button, please click it! 


@dbostedo has a good explanation of what we mean by composite shots:


 "Composite" is not meant to exclude panorama stitching, which is still a "straight" photo that simply overcomes the lens/camera limitations in field of view.


Instead, it's meant to exclude photos created from two or more unrelated images, creating a view that couldn't actually be seen by you or the camera. For instance, taking a field from one location, and a mountain from another, and combining them. Or taking clouds/sky/moon from a photo you took in Colorado, and merging it with a river from Utah. Things like that.



Edit: Got the wrong month again.

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Early bird entry. I took this image on my way home tonight on the Casa Grande Hwy. It's a classic Arizona monsoon microburst. No filters, edits or shops, from my iPhone 6😀

Click it, bigger is better!

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Trout pond by Snowbird 8-8-16

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Heading off Isolated Peak towards the Little Yoho Valley, Yoho National Park, British Columbia. The President and The Vice President are the glaciated peaks in the background. 


The Little Yoho Valley is an excellent backcountry skiing destination, and is home of the legendary Stanley Mitchell Hut!




The trail head (winter) is about 15 or 20 minutes from the Lake Louise Ski resort, but this is the wet side of the Rockies.


Raw pic from my phone.


August 1, 2016


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No caption required. Maine deck in August. Ski season still a dream.

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Lake Wanaka, New Zealand.  Taken a couple of days ago with my phone (moto-something).


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Here's a pano that was magically put together, i.e. without prompting, by Google photos.  Taken from the top of McDougall's Chair at Cardrona on Sunday.


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Stayed at my friend's house in Sedona the night before we headed to the Grand Canyon to do a midnight Rim to Rim hike. Pretty good view.   


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And the view from the South Rim as we get ready to depart. This one is on my Cellphone as we decided a DSLR was too heavy to carry for the trek. My buddy had a gopro which takes surprisingly good photos. I might start carrying one of those for future hikes. 


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This one is way out in left field for a skiing forum, but it's "The Bean" in Chicago on Aug 10th.  Camera is a Nikon D750 with the Nikkor 24-120 f/4 zoom.  ISO 5000 f4 1/20th @24mm.  It's the straight JPG from the camera.  I shoot raw as well but didn't bother with photoshop on this shot.  Even though it was late evening, it was about 85F out.

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We stopped for a photo break on the way to the summit of Mount Tyrwhitt. Mount Tyrwhitt is located on the Alberta-British Columbia boarder, in Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, in Kananaskis Country. It is accessed from Highwood Pass, the highest paved road in Canada, at 7,238 feet - nearly 3,000 feet higher than Banff. This pass provides excellent early season skiing, but is closed from December 15-June 15 each year. About an hour and a half from Calgary (southwest), you will pass the Nakiska Ski Area, and the now defunct (current cat operation) Fortress Ski area en-route.


The arch is approximately 50 vertical meters, and most people who make it this far will pose for a shot! There is a fantastic drop behind Liz.


August 13, 2016


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Anan Creek, Tongass National Forest, AK, Aug. 12

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Because he can

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Humphrey says hello. Taken on Saint Mary's Glacier in CO. 8/19/16

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Sunset at Deer Creek Reservoir , Utah - last night from my boat - fishing was good too

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Saturday's Sierra Slickrock...
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Saturday's Sierra Sunset...
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Meadow Mountain.

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Drone Shot over the camp fire. 


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Hiking in the Lauterbrunen Valley, Switzerland earlier this month. 


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Another from hiking in Lauterbrunen Valley, just to the south of Stechelberg.


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Top of Chair 8, Vail. There was whole family of Marmots sunning themselves on the deck at the top lift house. When I approached, all ran except for this guy standing guard. I know it's a meme, but this is all I could think of the whole time while he was standing there - HAHA!


Taken last weekend while up on the mountain hiking.


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I guess this fits. Taken in my backyard on August 1:


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Now I know where they go when they leave here.
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View from the top of Tres Puntas sector in Valle Nevado, Chile.
Center-left of the picture is 17800ft "Cerro El Plomo".
Locals say that this mountain was sacred to the Incas , who used to climb it since the 15th century.
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Originally Posted by jhcooley View Post

I guess this fits. Taken in my backyard on August 1:



What are the specs on this photo? Huddler strips all the metadata out of photos posted. 

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About to descend the West Ridge of Storm Mountain - Kananaskis Country, Alberta. 


The slightly higher peak in the background is Mist Mountain. Fitting name!


This was taken yesterday. I am happy Liz convinced me to go out despite the forecast. The clouds make for dramatic scenery which more than makes up for the tough navigation!


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North Cascades   Washington State

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Mountains and sea.  Looking towards the  Atlantic  Ocean from a granite outcropping in Maine's Acadia National Park, 8/25/16

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Late afternoon light over Frenchman Bay from Champlain Mountain, Acadia National Park, 8/23/16

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