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Backcountry skiing near Boston

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Hi everyone,


I'm moving to Boston for half  a year and will be there until the beginning of March. I was wondering if it would be worth bringing my backcountry skis? I usually ride the Alps and enjoy backcountry pow and steep stuff. Probably won't have time to travel too far, so I'd think 1 or 2 day tours max.


Would be glad to hear your thoughts.



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Check this out.  The forums do not only cover Tuckerman Ravine.

The Presidentials in NH have plenty of backcountry opportunities.



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Double your drive time and cube root your expectations and things will be fine.


Bring your gear?  You are a skier right and will need breaks; of course bring your gear.


Pow is most often found in Northern Vermont.  Google is your friend.


Steeps, such as we have, are in the Presidentials of NH.


Couple notes:

1) our mountains are old and have been gnawed down to their roots over the millennia.


2) Pretty high population density and backcountry skiing is the hot thing so expect crowds and newbies.


Unfortunately time for tuckerman is a bit run down right now.

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There is a fun tour at Mt. Greylock in Adams, MA.



It has a historic CCC ski trail that has been maintained in recent years so you don't need a super deep base.  I think it is around 2K vertical probably a bit less.  I sometimes head up there early on a powder morning...really just 1 trail and it can get beat up fairly early.


It looks to be about a 3 hour drive from Boston though and there are tours in NH that may be closer.  


Mt Washington is the closest you will get to an alps/alpine experience here in the northeast US.


Gaspe Peninsula in Canada looks pretty sweet but is around a 12 hour drive.


Mt Katahdin in Maine looks like a great adventure and, from what I've read, it takes about a day's touring just to get to it.


I suggest looking into John Goodman's books on backcountry ski tours in the northeast.


Yes bring your gear!


My girlfriend and I are prepping for a Haute Route trip next April and we plan to do some touring on and around Mt Washington next winter....so long as it snows that is.

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Thanks for the infos! Look forward to discovering some new territory.

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