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Winter Park 4 pack lift tickets?

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Does anybody know when they stop selling the 4 packs online for $179.00 ?

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I'm looking at these as well.  Are they available only for a limited time?  Should I just call WP to get the skinny?

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I would call.  So far I have only heard they stop selling them in mid-October.  I wish I could get the Copper Mountain one too, but you have to buy the first pass in person, then you can renew online.  Shoot, I might just buy the Rocky Mountain Super Pass for $509 since I will probably travel to each place for a week anyway.  I just want the most bang for the buck.

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In recent years, the four pack went up in price in October, announced on the web site and/or email. They remained on sale at least until early season, then quietly went away. The other thing to look out for in the fall and early season is the twofer pass. A two day pass for a really attractive price, something like $119 last year, IIRC. Last year they did something with that a little out of the ordinary: the price went up incrementally over several days and then it disappeared.
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Good info!  I guess I am probably safe waiting until September if I want to take advantage of the $179 price then.

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I called today and they said to buy soon.  This is the lowest price and could end anytime soon.  Then it might go up like 20 bucks every couple weeks.  It's a great deal.  I also got a condo today on VRBO staying at the Zephyr in January, the lodging company knocked off an additional 20% for early booking.

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I have a four pack to buy myself. ^^^^ I guess that means I'll do it sooner rather than later.

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The big weekend for pass sales is Labor Day weekend so I'm not so sure I would worry about a price increase in the immediate future. smile.gif
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I bought one for my wife two years ago, so I've closely watch the price.  It seems the pass went up to $199 some time in September or October.


Then it went up to $219 in November...Then it was unavailable by the middle of December.

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The best deals going happen during Powder Daze which is just around the corner. 8/26 thru 9/6 I believe. If you happen to be in CO and can make it to an event location you can get the Winter Park 4 pack for $179 but it includes a "free day" making it a 5 pack. No restrictions.
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^^^ That's great info. Does the purchaser have to be the user?
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Since I'll be at WP Christmas week, I'll probably be buying these for my whole family.  I am assuming that this would be the best deal for me to grab regardless of age and if any of my kids would be taking lessons, right?

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I would say it's the best deal if you only plan to ski in Colorado for four or five days.  If you may come back this season, consider a season pass.

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Originally Posted by cosmoliu View Post

^^^ That's great info. Does the purchaser have to be the user?


Here is the faq for the passes and requirements:  http://www.christysports.com/powderdaze/faq.html

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Anyone know if these can be split by 2 people for 2 days skiing each or it is just for 1 person each?

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The four days come loaded on a RFID card, supposedly with a photo. So unless you're sharing with your twin, no. I suppose that if you pick up the card on a really busy morning, a harried employee might skip the photo, but you probably couldn't count on that. On the other hand, the card is kept in a pocket, so only an alert liftie would catch a switch up.
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Well that would not work as well for us then.  Looking at a quick 2 days of skiing at WP as they have a great deal on Groupon right now and flights are also crazy cheap...  Just need to find cheap lift tickets now and the wife is in.

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Then keep you eyes open for the "two-fer" offer. Last year they put it out in October or November, before the hill opened. It only lasted a couple of weeks and was a good deal, about $59/day IIRC. I was going to combine it with a 4 day pass for my step daughter for a total of 6 days of skiing, but it went away before I stopped waffling. Worked out OK, though. She caught some kind of bad bug on the airplane coming out and only wound up skiing two days out of the week. 


PM sent

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