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Hi guys. I was wondering what you guys think about "jskis" in terms of durability, quality and performance (specifically the whipit model). How does it stack up against the line chronics? Thanks
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met a guy riding the tropic thunders at Alta a few months back, he raved about them, calling them his favorite skis of all time.  i asked about them after seeing the cool top sheet.  not the info you're lookin for but one solid on the mountain review

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So I wanted to do all mountain with a few runs through the park, do you think the jskis would be good?
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Most skis these days are good, there are very few bad skis.


If the type of ski matches the type of ski for what you want to do-race ski for racers, allmtn for allmtn, powder for powder, pretty much it will be "good".  Will the jskis be better than the lines for you? impossible to say until you can try both.


Unfortunately, with such a limited custom ski;  it'll be hard for you go get user reviews.


I can suggest you can send a note to jskis and ask what mass-market skis the whipit is most comparable to and how it fits in.

They would know their skis the best.

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OK. I think I'll do that. Thanks
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I love my Friends from J-Skis. I have the tune outs and could not be happier. Put some pivots on them and they just rip like no other ski hands down. I mean, what else would you expect from the guy who created the first twin tip ski ever? Also, when I ordered mine, he called me to confirm and ask how the skiing was here in Vail ;)

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