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Equipment Rental / Demo

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I came across a Colorado Springs based start up, GetOutfitted, that rents and demos outdoor gear, ski gear but also summer items. It seems like they primarily target vacationers who may not own the gear. For example, you live in Texas and need winter clothing and ski gear for a Colorado ski trip.

When I was traveling long distances for ski trips I always brought my own gear and occasionally demoed skis to try the latest models. I lived on the east coast and skiied there.

Is this something vacationers find appealing? What about locals or weekend warriors?

The gear can be delivered to your home or your destination. Sounds pretty appealing to not haul around the equipment and bulky clothes, but the downside being you can't swap out and adjust like Black Tie.

This only works if they send the boots with the skis or else they would need technicians to adjust bindings at the location.

Curious to get thoughts on if this idea appeals. I certainly see how it could be improved from a ski perspective.
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Interesting idea but not sure if I would use it. I also do not think it is that much of a burden to bring my own gear. Then again I live in the Springs - might look into it for visitors and see if it appeals to them.
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To me it seems to have more interest as a national franchise that would be at resorts. To help when your stuff didn't arrive, for instance. As a CHOICE, I'm really not nuts about the idea of used clothing or boots, like Halloween costumes. Ewww. Skis are already rentable (think demos) at most areas and you can swap them during the day. I can't imagine that there's enough folks from tropical countries coming to any one area who can't afford the clothes to stay in business.
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Just checked them out.  I looked into something of interest - SUP.  However to rent for 6 days it is $150 which I can rent locally for $15 per hour - that is ten hours I can use any time and not blocked into a 6 day period.  In addition, for 3 times the rental price you can buy an inflatable SUP, maybe not that brand but there are other good brands for $400-600. Some of the Camping setup seem to be on the high side as well.


Does not seem to compete well with local rentals when it comes to kayaks either.

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There are a few other companies providing a similar service.  The one based in Stowe, VT is mostly focused on the New York City market.  There is another that is based in Texas.  For parents who are interested in getting their kids started, but aren't sure whether or not the kids will like to slide on snow, having the option to rent jackets and ski pants for the first ski vacation can be useful.


One of the companies draws the line at renting gloves.  They provide basic gloves and socks for purchase.


Another advantage of renting bulky items that are shipped to a ski vacation destination is that packing everything else is pretty easy.

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Brave Ski Mom gave GetOutfitted a try in March 2015 for a trip to Big Sky.  Seemed happy with the process.


The Ski Diva did a review in Dec 2014.

post #8 of 8 is located in Vermont but we ship across the country via Fedex. We do 50% of our business in colorado. it's still just 2 days for us to get a KIT to CO.

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