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trying to converge on boot size

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A little about me not sure if it matters.  I just turned 50 am 6'3" and wear a size 13 street shoe / running shoe, etc.


I have only skied about 6 times in my life and that was back in the 1980s when I was in high school, for each trip to tahoe I only skied a single day.  Never did it enough to get good and enjoy it.


I now have young children that are learning to ski and I am interested in getting on skis to putz around with them.


I am in the SF bay area and recently went to a well know ski store to shop for boots. 


The shop had very knowledgeable staff and however the size they recommended seemed way too tight, I visited the store twice and spent a total of close to 3 hours there.  They looked at my foot and did the shell fit etc...


Reminder I wear a size 13 street shoe, I tried on the Dalbello Viper 10 first a size 29.  Had it on for about 30 minutes walking around the store.  It seemed really tight and snug.  Then I tried on the 29.5 and it seemed even tighter.  I asked about why the larger size being tighter and was told that I broke in the 29 boot by walking around the store with it on for 30 minutes. 


Maybe it is me but the boots felt way too tight and started to fell pins and needles in my feet, I guess this is due to the circulation being limited.


I believe what they are telling me however there is no way I could purchase the as they felt too tight.


I asked about trying on a 30 and was told that it was way too big and that it would feel good and that I would want it.  And that after a day of skiing my foot would be swimming around in the 30.  I never tried the 30 on, just a shell fit.


Is this experience normal.  Will the boots break in after a day of skiing?


Forgot to mention that they gave me a very thin sock to wear to try the boots on they were almost like nylons.


Was thinking to go back a third time to the store and try on just the liner by itself to see how tight that is.   And maybe ask to try on a 30?  Although I did a shell fit with the 30 and they said it was way too big.


What stumps me is that the evo boot chart shows a size 13 being at mondo 31, and the boots I was trying on Mondo 29.5 is an 11.5.  I am trying to not get caught up with the numbers but still think is the 29.5 too small for me.  I know the bottom like is the shell fit.


Anyway looking for anything that might shed some light on my situation.  Perhaps I go to another store and see what size they think I am.  The only difficult thing is not many places have boots out this time of the year.



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Just in case you haven't read the article above, I posted the address here to help out.


You buy boots, hoping  to use them for years.


 If you purchase the bigger size, you will be replacing them after a couple of days because, as the shop said, "they will become too sloppy with just  few days skiing".  It sounds  like you are being given good advice.

If the 29.5 shell fits correctly buy the 29.5---you will then have a boot that will work well for years to come.


A cushy initial fit, equates to comfort in the ski shop, but less or no "control" out on the slope, and believe me, CONTROL is a nice word---it makes skiing more "comfortable" from a confidence standpoint.


Breaking in a liner often takes a couple of days of skiing but the "rewards" are terrific.:)



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Thanks for the reply and the link.  Did a bunch of reading and then went to Home Depot and bought lengths of different size pex tubing its called sharkbite, its like pvc.


The thicknesses of the pex are 9.5mm, 12.7mm, 16 mm and 22 mm.


I am going to bring them with me the next time I go to try on boots so I have an idea on how much space is there during the shell fit.  Is this crazy?  Maybe its the Engineer in me.


Thanks again

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Forgot to mention that I am starting to believe the 29.5 is the correct size for me.


Thanks again!

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The pipe idea is waaaaay better than guessing---which is what most folks do --- and then they most often err on the side of bigger which does not work long term.



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