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Steamboat in the Summer

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I am planning a trip to visit Colorado this summer, and am looking for a place to stay near Steamboat.  I recall seeing a website for a luxury hotel/resort near (perhaps 20-30 miles away) when I was planning a ski trip several years ago. I recall that it was too far from the slopes when going skiing, but thinking that it would great in the summer .  My recollection is that this place had horses, fly fishing, shooting sports, and mountain biking, and fine dining, ...everything I am looking for in a summer vacation.   However,  I haven't been a able to the website again. Perhaps I was just dreaming it !  I know we have some Steamboat locals on this Board, may be they can give me a steer ?  If not, any other recommendations in the Steamboat area ?


I don't think I am thinking about the luxury guest ranches in the area (Home Ranch, Vista Verda), as they require a full week stay -- I am looking for 2-3 nights. My plan is to take a week, spend a couple nights in 2 or 3 different areas, just to experience Colorado in the summer (after 5-6 years of ski visits, its time to see the Colorado summer).  I was thinking Breckenridge and Steamboat , because I have been there in the winter, but certainly interested in others ideas.


Timing is a bit flexible....was thinking late August /Early September ---probably later, as I suspect things quiet down after kids go back to school.


Any other ideas ?

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Are you thinking of Catamount Ranch and Club? It's essentially beside the ski area. However it's a private club so I don't know if you can simply book a room. My family has a condo across from the ski mountain (apres ski way), it's ended up being a good location for summer as well to walk to Gondola Square in the evening or start day trips.
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Mid to late September is really nice with the Aspens changing.  



Drive to Steamboat thru Laramie, then take 131 to Glenwood Springs, 82 to Aspen and over Independence Pass to Leadville.

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