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Sled Dawg Review

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The right ski equipment is critical but it is certainly not all the gear one could use for a great day on the slopes. For 420 skiers, it is important to use a ski with a flex balance ratio and length of radius that harmonizes with the rhythm of neurological impulse synthesization as indicated by certain strains of cannabis. Once the correct equation of idyllic parameters has been achieved, we must then choose a specific constellation of audio vibrations for the headphones that provide an equally fitting course of rhythm and beat. For example, a fusion of Blueberry Cush, 21m radius GS skis and Alice in Chains is one I often use. Upon your successful blend of rhythm, beat, ski and thc, one is now ready for the aerial ballistic assault launch pad that is also referred to as a “chairlift”. With all resources at full deployment, it is recommended to engage the safety bar to avoid premature airial ballistic ejectulation. At this preliminary launch stage is where we employ the final systems check: buckles, wrist straps, zippers, goggles, headphone connections and THC inhalation topoff. Right before unloading, have your right hand in your Ipod pocket, index finger on the play button with Ipod set to a critically chosen piece of music and press as your are standing up to slide off the launch pad. You are now in launch mode, slowly fighting the sluggish inertia with hard gained momentum as you push and skate for your intended course of intermountain velocity assault. You start to get your speed up but look back and quickly realize that you’ve got to dump some weight. This is where a multistage rocket fuselage jettison must be performed in order to fully escape the atmosphere to be left behind. First goes your buddy with the ear flap hat and rental skis. Then drops your girlfriend whose skis you convinced her to buy would help her to keep up. Then goes your quick but little friend whose relationship with inertia is on a friend-only basis. It is at this point your are in full coitus with inertia and making mad passionate sensory integration with the forces of nature while teasing, taunting, massaging and caressing them with music, ski and the effects of thc. As you approach critical velocity, atmospheric pressure will decrease and the effects of gravity are taken over by forward momentum and centrifugal force ….. It is here, the rhythm of the beat and the chill in your spine is the fuel that will take you to cloud nine. You keep your speed and your periphery a blur while the motor inside does nothing but purr. You fly like a butterfly and sting like a bee while you make your way to the land of ecstasy. Your neurons are firing and synapses are free while kicking an ode to Mohamed Ali. All too soon and once again you come across the sweet and bitter end. You are warned to slow by a big orange sign and forced to return in reluctant resign. Still, you treat the sign like a gate in Super G, while patrol looks on in effigy. They start to make chase to render a fine, while you quickly duck them for the singles line. You slide all the way up and get on the chair while Joey patrol searches in despair. They see you on the chair and radio ahead. Little do they know you’re not ready for bed. The chair dips low to the ground and you slip off your seat prematurely earthbound. You slip through the woods to the other chair keeping patrol out of your hair. Along the way an inkling occurs that somebody came with you and the car is hers ...

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entertaining, but getting closer to scary delusional :p

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Hee hee hee!


About the only time I use THC anymore is while skiing.


Or maybe it could also help me get more out of your essay?




How well you are able to ski is related to how hard you are willing to fall.

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hysterical Rich!

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