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Lange RS boots

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What boot brand is the same as the Lange RS 140
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Uh, sorry, but having trouble parsing that sentence. :) Do you mean, what other brand is similar? That would be Rossignol, which uses same basic mold and frame, adds its own do-dahs, including hardware, liner, a slightly different approach to managing shell flex. I've tried both, they're close but not exactly the same feel. Also not sure they make a 140 in 97 mm, know there's a Hero 130, though. In general, Rossi seems the poor cousin; Lange makes a wider range of models, and gets the new updates a year earlier. 

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Thank you. Very bad English on my speakerphone. I was just making sure because somebody had a really nice race liner for a head 140 and I was hoping that was the one that matched my RS 130. No such luck
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Liner? oops, I was under impression that liners are generic and I could buy Intuition liner and put it in any boots, I could take tecnica liner and put it into head shell, etc. Is this not so?

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Yes intuition liners are generic and it's best to call them and they will recommend the best one for your foot and your boots. As far as the other liners from the boot makers they fit differently to the form of the boot. Not interchangeable in most cases. There are other foam liners that are high priced and also generic that are fit to your foot. By the way I have a brand new pair of intuition low-volume liners size 27 if anyone wants a good deal.
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The Rossignol Experience 130 boot is based on the same last as the Lange RS130 (and the RX130 LV).  It's not the 140, but not miles away.

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