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... don't know if that violates the ban on "composite" photos, although I don't understand why "composite" photos would be banned but heavily manipulated HDR images are allowed...


I think I can speak for @tylrwnzl here, but he'll correct me if I'm wrong.


"Composite" is not meant to exclude panorama stitching, which is still a "straight" photo that simply overcomes the lens/camera limitations in field of view.


Instead, it's meant to exclude photos created from two or more unrelated images, creating a view that couldn't actually be seen by you or the camera. For instance, taking a field from one location, and a mountain from another, and combining them. Or taking clouds/sky/moon from a photo you took in Colorado, and merging it with a river from Utah. Things like that.


This exactly. I will include this as a description for the August contest.