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Newer Skis for Mammoth and Jackson

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Hi, thank you all for this site!

I have been skiing for 45 years.  I am 6'1" and 205lbs. Last pair of skis I bought were Volkl Snow Rangers. 

Wow, I loved that ski. I still have them and want to remount them, as the marker Titaniums they came with are done. Any suggestions on what to remount with, or if they can be remounted.


I ski mostly groomed and mixed crud at Mammoth, but would like to improve powder ability. 


I loved how the Snow Rangers were super solid feeling.  I also like stability at speed. 


I have been considering Salomon X-Drive 8.0FS 


Any good suggestions would be highly appreciated!  I am about 70/30 frontside biased, and need to also handle the thick crud that accumulates at Mammoth.


Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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Snow Rangers were the best ski of their day, but that day was 20 years ago.  Time to let them go.


80mm is kind of on the narrow side, unless you think you'll be giving up on the backside,  during the next 20 years.


I'd go with a 90-100mm, 180cm+.

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To some extent, that is true, am thinking of focusing on mostly frontside and looking at 80mm to 90mm under foot.

Salomon X-drive 8.0 or X-drive 8.8 FS,  Dynastar Powertrack 8.4? Volkl RTM 84

Do you know if the Snow Rangers are demountable? I would like to keep them in the mix as spring and rock skis.



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Head Monster 88

The Snow Ranger was not a system ski so odds are very much in your favour for remounting them with whatever you want.  New bindings suitable for someone your size are selling for $110-$180 right now, not including the mounting fee, so -ahem- up to you if it's worth paying ~$200 for a pair of rock skis.      For my own part, that's not unreasonable, but the Snow Ranger would not be the ski I would choose to do it with.

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The XDrive 8.8 is an outstanding all mountain ski, very versatile and one of the better crud skis. Since the model is a few years old you can probably get a nice deal on them.

I'll second the recommendation of the Monster 88 as well....

....with the caveat that your boots fit properly. If your Snow Rangers are 20 years old, how old are your boots? Have you had them fit by a competent boot fitter? As you stated you want to improve your abilities, and boots that fit you well are the most essential component.
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I can vouch for the 8.8 Xdrive FS. It's a great hard snow and crud ski. You should be able to find them at a good price. I found that I share the taste in skis with J.E on blister:

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