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boot size

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I am looking to get salomon xmax 120's i wear a 10.5 u.s. .I will be in these boots for hours and wonder if the 29 would be the boot of choice.

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Hey Nonyooper,


The biggest mistake folks make right from the outset is too buy boots that feel "Just right" and feel like a comfortable pair of bedroom slippers.


They often keep these "Comfortable boots" for years and wonder all along how it is that other folks ski so much better than the are able to.


So a mistake in the beginning can laaasssttt a long time.


Buying the right size and fit can be a daunting task and should be entered into using the expertise of someone who knows how to assess your foot shape and volume and advise you on which boot will work the best.


So the boot fitters on here got together and developed a guideline based on how we fit boots.


Read through the article below and pay attention to how to "Shell check" a boot you might be considering.


I wear a 10.5 size street shoe and ski in a 27.5  boot that has the right shape to fit around my foot.  I think a 29.5 would be a poor selection for your foot size---(read "too big" here)


By the way in the article they mention that the shell check should be no bigger than 5/8ths inch (15mm)----purchase a piece of 1/2 inch CPVC pipe (15mm outside diameter) at the Home supply store and take it with you when you are checking boots----don't "guess" on this important part of the puzzle.




One last thought,--- a pair of boots with a 15mm shell check will feel way too tight when you first put them on---this is because the liner is new and not broken in to your foot shape---this "break in period" will last for about the first two days of skiing --- you will notice that after a couple of days you can wear them without that tight feeling and your skiing will improve greatly, because your feet aren't moving around in side the boot.  So---a tight feeling for a couple of days verses a sloppy fit for 10 years---you decide.

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I wear a 10.5 street shoe, ski most boots in a 27 for 'comfort' and a 26 for 'race fit' w some stretching and grinding. The Salomon X Max in a 26 fits my foot like other brand's 27. 

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