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What, no NBA fans?

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I'm not a big hoops fan, but I sensed something last night when I saw the Cavs miraculously up by 1 at the end of the first half. So I recorded the rest and moved on. This morning it turns out that LeBron made some history and the sports writers had some fun overnight.


LeBron needed to win an NBA Finals as a player on a sports team from Cleveland. CLEVELAND, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. CLEVELAND. We had 60 years of evidence that this city was a sports sinkhole. The cosmic force field surrounding Northeast Ohio made sports hopes disappear like planes in the Bermuda Triangle. LeBron was born near this place, he learned how cursed it was and was smart enough to leave. And then, like an idiot in a horror movie who runs back into the haunted house and bravely gets murdered, HE RETURNED. He chose to go back to this place where winning was impossible, and he won.


If what LeBron James just did is not good enough for you, something is wrong with you, and not LeBron James.
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I watched the game.  Haven't followed basketball since the Bird/McHale/Parish - Magic Johnson - Michael Jordan - Isiah Thomas days.

But there is nothing like a game 7 in any sports.  It was a great game, and there were some other great players on the floor besides Lebron.  

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"James led all players in the Finals in points. He led all players in the Finals in assists. He led all players in the Finals in rebounds. He led all players in the Finals in blocks. He led all players in the Finals in steals. He's the first player ever to lead a series in all five categories, and he did it in the Finals against a team that was possibly the best of all time."


Wow.  Never liked him, but how can I not now?

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It's pretty cool seeing NBA players wearing ski goggles in the locker room.

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Baseball players have been doing that too during champagne celebrations.

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James earned the MVP. He probably would have won it last year if he'd had Irving and Love to help beat the Warriors.
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