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Volant Supers, etc.

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Have been hitting the Goodwill stores and thrift stores here in Tempe, Mesa, Gilbert and Chandler, Arizona, and have found some good stuff.  I have never skied on Volants, but found what I think is a pair of circa 2004 Volant Supers.  The graphics on the top seem to be faded/peeling, but the bottoms are pristine -- almost as if they have never been skied.  Price?  A whopping $2.98.  I thought about buying them, but I don't need a pair of rock skis right now.  But -- for $2.98, is anyone interested?  I will buy them and if you agree to pay the shipping cost I will box them in cardboard and ship them to you.  




Today, my daughter, our oldest, turned 18.  She has a quiver.  My Volkl Supersport Six Stars (one of my favorite skis ever), my Volkl RTM 84s (again, a sweet ski), a pair of Rossi women's skis, and an older pair of Dynastars she found at a Goodwill for $9.99, from the 1990s, straight skis, just to try.  Well, tonight I got her a pair Volkl P50 Platinum Energy.  Circa 2002.  But shaped.  Just so she has a shaped ski she can have fun with as rock skis.  From Goodwill.  $9.99.  Again, the bottoms are pristine.  Maybe they were skied on two days.  They had BootDoctors sticker on them (Telluride and Taos store).  Four years ago, when she was 14, at Telluride, she demanded I take her down a double black diamond run.  She had probably skied one one-hundreth as much as I had by her age, but she skied it well.  I am going to surprise her with these skis in the morning.  


The cool thing was that while I was in the Goodwill when I spied both of these skis, the Volkls and the Volants, with my iPhone I was able to look up info on these skis.  Guess where I learned the best info?  Here at  




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I have a set of Volants with Geze binding that have never been skied, got for free.

I think the skis of interest in the picture are the Heads with Look Bindings on the back left of the picture. I've sent a PM to a member that might be interested.
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I have a pair of Super Karvs;   I'd probably ski the Elan RCs but they're not worth shipping here.   The Scott poles are probably decent poles, comparable to S2 I'm betting.  

What is really curious to my eye is the splay on those Blizzards.    They look pranged.

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They're older than '04.  Probably closer to '00. 


Are they bent or delammed yet?

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