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Old fart on the chair today

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This was said to me by an old fart on the chair today when I felt old.

"Hey sonny you ain't seen nothin yet. You just wait. There are three things you will come to know. One, never pass up a chance to take a piss. Two, you'll never trust a fart and three, never pass up a hard on even if you are alone."

I wanted of the chair. :
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Kee-rhist! What now? Bob Dole has taken up skiing? :
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By God, I think your it!
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Yuki--In his old age, Bob Dole has become something of a pitchman, but I think he was skiing before most of us were born--10th Mountain Division in WWII.

[ March 01, 2004, 07:27 PM: Message edited by: sno'more ]
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And those lines still sound like something uttered by the 10'th's finest!
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Those are words of wisdom, guys. Don't take it lightly!
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In light of the above advice, please keep in mind the three stages of a man's sex life.

1. Tri-weekly.
2. Try weekly.
3. Try weakly.
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