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Silicone Spray

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I recently got a can of Silicone Spray Lube. I understand it can be used on the tops of your skis to keep the snow from sticking to them and on the uppers and soles of your boots for the same reason.

I'm looking for input for those who have used this spray before I spray it on my equipment. My first concern may seem a little farfetched but it relates to safety issues so I don't want to make any assumptions. I don't think it matters because of the mechanics of bindings but I'll ask anyway: will spray on the boot toe or heel piece or on the binding itself make it easier for you to literally "slip" out of your bindings?

Along the same lines, spraying on the soles of your boots-- does that make it more likely for you to slip and fall when you're walking? Ski boots (usually plus ice) aren't the easiest to walk in anyway and spraying something that makes a surface slicker on them seems like it might be asking for trouble (or at least a sore butt).

Thanks for your input. Any other tips and/or uses for silicone spray are appreciated. (please no implant jokes!)
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I would not recommend spraying silicone anywere that would effect the binding-boot interface. This is stated in all binding manufacturer manuals. Spray it on whereever else you want. I am not sure why you are worried about keeping the snow off, but thats your call.

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I saw this in the Tognar catalog:
This is a spray lube that inhibits exterior icing and corrosion of bindings. It is also a temporary solution to some boot/binding friction problems. In addition, it helps keep snow and ice from sticking to boot soles, as well as ski and snowboard tops. Just lightly spray the surface and let dry. Comes in a 6 oz. spray bottle, enough for 40-50 applications.
Binding and Boot Lubricant: $8.95

I don't know if it's silicon or anything thing else about it. Can anyone offer insight or comment?
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Ryel-- As a matter of fact, I ordered it out of the Tognar catalog, so I saw the description you mentioned. But anyway, when the can arrived from Tognar, it's labeled "Silicone Spray Lube".

Gainer-- Thanks for the advice regarding keeping it off the binding/boot contact points. As to your "why" question, I would think snow sticking and melting on your boots uppers could make your feet colder. Also on the soles, you don't have to bang off the snow from walking around when you're ready to step into your bindings.

Also, it's just an aesthetic thing to look at your skis' nice graphics without crusty snow and ice sticking to the tops of the skis. Kind of anal I know, but oh well.<FONT size="1">

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Silicon spray??
Haven't seen or used it since my Hansen boots.......
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I have used car wax and rain-x and at first the snow sticks, but once you wipe it off, the snow just slides off nicely. I rubbed a bit of Notwax on the tops this time and will see how it works since nothing is supposed to stick to it. Just be sure to put anything you use on a napkin or rag and then wipe it on. Anything you put on the binding will just make you release more smoothly. It won't make you pre-release. Unless maybe you replace the mfg's grease on the mechanisms entirely with a slipperier (that word looks funny) substance. I hate snow on my skis, damnit!!!
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