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Mt. Baker Ski Area

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After four days of record braking temperatures, it was no longer possible to skin or ski continuously from the parking lot.  Having just finished finals for spring quarter, I decided to do some quick laps to work on some moderate speed turn initiation.  As you will notice, snow conditions were not the greatest, but it was still great to be on skis!





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For those who are not Baker knowledgeable the highway in the video is SR 542, the Mt. Baker highway which is not plowed in the winter.  It goes right through a part of the ski area and people ski over it all season.  The state highway department started plowing it to the top, at Artist Point, which is outside the ski area, a couple of weeks ago and will finish in July. 


It is one of the most unknown incredible views anywhere.  If you are in the region it is not to be missed.  You're on top of the world and the entire North Cascades is laid out around you.  The views include Mt. Baker, Mt. Shuksan, the Mt. Baker National Wilderness, and North Cascades National Park.  If you've ever been to Jasper and Banff, you get a bit of an idea of what it's like, though there are stark differences too. 


There are great day hikes from the Artist Point parking lot and along the highway on the way up.  Overnighters and expeditions can leave from the same trailheads.

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