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Mikela's new sport

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Mikela is really trying to learn to windsurf.

She is hanging with the pros at Kanaha Park, Maui and is a quick learner.

Skiing and windsurfing have a lot in common.

So there is actually something that I am better at than Mikela but at the rate she is learning that won't be true in a few weeks.

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She has some great instructors and a nice place to learn.  I'm sure she'll be ripping in no time.

Used to be a ton of cross over, but kiteboarding seems to have taken some of the wind out of sailboarding.

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Well, kiteboarding is a lot easier in terms of logistics. But in terms of major competitions, I don't think it can compete with wind surfing yet. The latter is on the extreme sport calander, of course, and is an Olympic class (RS:X).

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