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Pass question?

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So we're already planning our trip for next year but it's there a season pass for heavenly, northstar, kirkwood, and squaw? I'm trying to research if a season pass is for all of these resorts or not? Thanks!

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The Tahoe local pass (Vail resorts) will cover all but Squaw. There is none that covers all four, AFAIK.

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Squaw/Alpine is part of the Mountain Collective Pass (MCP).  But for someone only taking a trip to Tahoe, would not be worth it.  Might be worth considering if can do another trip that includes another MCP destination such as Alta/Snowbird or Jackson Hole.

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if you want to do that variety there is also the tahoe 6pack.

this doesn't mean this is your best bet especially if you plan to ski elsewhere or more (or less) than 6days or on weekdays when vouchers for squaw are more accessible
(note there is near zero deals for vail resorts so that is somewhat of a constsnt)
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OK just confirming what I was seeing.. We're not going until February again. But just budgeting right now.. Was going to go to Jackson hole but it is a bit pricier. So hitting up 4 resorts instead will be better for us and more night life too. Looks like if we do tahoe and squaw may be the best bet.. Since we will do all 4 and we will be able to ride 5 days total being there.. We would arrive on a Saturday leave that following Friday.
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We plan on going to heavenly (staying there), kirkwood, northstar, and squaw. Bf never been to squaw and obviously I've never been to either but they all look great.
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If you can also take a trip to Park City, UT or Summit County,CO then you should strongly consider the Epic Pass or Epic Local Pass.


Staying in Heavenly works well as there are good hotel/casino options. I've done 5-day trips there with the Epic Local Pass: Heavenly, Kirkwood, Heavenly, Northstar, Heavenly. Beware that it's a good bit of driving, and if you're lucky enough to get a big snowfall you may be "stuck" at Heavenly for a day or two.

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Probably not this year.. Unless my bf goes to Colorado again in January which he does a boys trip every year. But he's been to tahoe so he knows what it's like since this is my second trip out west.. Third season in.. Thinking Jackson hole 2018 lol and when we get married totally going to Chile to ride haha.. I told him that's my condition for our honeymoon 😂😂 anyways.. Yeah he'd like to hit up squaw since he's never been but looks like Wed have to get a separate pass for that day..
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