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Having hard time finding a ride to the mountain?

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Hey guys,
Me and my friend love skiing and snowboarding.  We always have trouble finding a ride to the mountain.  One time somewhere in B.C., Canada, a police officer stopped us and told us not to hitch hike...  I meant, come on, we just wanted to shred.... 
We got really frustrated about this situation, so we are trying to build this web-site for skiers and snowboarders to find a ride to any resorts.  It is not the most intuitive name.. it's called skibummm.  check the site out here http://www.skibummm.com/signup  
What are your thoughts on this?  any comments? suggestions?
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Here in The Netherlands, we have a facebook page (an open group, really) where people can offer and ask for rides to the Alps. There also is a more official platform called Blablacar.nl (the link probably works, but it is in Dutch only). 


And a simple question on this forum or TGR would possibly do the trick too...

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Years ago when I lived about 20kms from the mountain, I would wear my Volunteer Patrol jacket hitch hiking to the mountain. No one ever drove by me without stopping to pick me up.

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Thanks for setting up the website, I signed up already.  Hope it can up and running by next winter?

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@fosphenytoin thank you for your support.  It is 80% done.  Yes, it should be ready by next winter.

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@Cheizz how does blablacar work ? 

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Feel free to hitchhike to Mt. Baker.  Lots of people do it every day of the season.

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ridesharing isnt something revolutionary for skiing. especially making a website to connect drivers and passengers I would suggest you think over why have all the other ventures failed or gotten taken over, some with millions of $ spent, and do some basic investigation obviously many people have figured out rideshare and aren't hitchhiking. rather than thinking you're the first to come up with this. my thoughts are this isn't going to work by starting from scratch and the only chance is if you first seed your system by get the partnerships with existing ski groups or taking over the current local methods people are using.
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There are always meetup groups that have trips to the hills most weekends.  Carpooling is standard with everyone paying a share of the gas.  Www.meetup.com for groups in your area.

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In the Bay Area
http://www.zimride.com used to be the ride share option

But they decided to offer private ride shares instead of public
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Originally Posted by twa2w View Post

There are always meetup groups that have trips to the hills most weekends.  Carpooling is standard with everyone paying a share of the gas.  Www.meetup.com for groups in your area.

I'm guessing that finding a Meetup group for skiing is a lot easier in regions where big mountains are within a couple hours drive.  Even though there are definitely people who drive to the NC mountains from Charlotte or Raleigh, finding someone to share a ride with is pretty difficult.  Perhaps easier for folks in the DC area who ski at Snowtime ski areas (Whitetail, Liberty, Roundtop).

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things like this have a network effect. they depend on having enough participants and inherently local.
it requires serious bootstrapping to challenge the existing system(s) and make it worthappen people's while.

so take the bay area and zimride. iirc they had to offer a promo for like $10 credit to bootstrap the userbase.

even when zimride was running people balked at the idea of monetary exchange and still used the snowpals mailing list which I believe is the goto rideshare source still . it runs on a yahoo group mailing list. why are they using this archaic yahoo group and not a Facebook group or Google or fancy website despite being in the middle of silicon Valley? it's because they are already established and it works .

So say i want to offer a ride. I don't see why i would post to your site even with 1000 sfbayarea/Tahoe members when there already exists a 7000member snowpals email list.
you need some special sauce that makes it different. it might need to be tailored to understand what is the champion rideshare info service in each locale and how to challenge the existing system in each locale.

I suggest since you have a stake you first figure out what is going on for you and see if you can win for your local mtn. if you cannot win and be the primary source for rideshare in your local market what is the point i an expanded effort.
I cannot believe hitchhiking is the only option and there is nothing already existing. it sounds instead like you may not have done your homework to find what is already available.
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You can set up and localize a 'meetup.com' group. Pretty easy.
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@raytseng thank you for your detail insight about the ride share  community how they work.


Me and my friend we travel to Canada and New Zealand during the winter season respectively.  Over the years we have met many skiers and snowboarders experiencing the same problem of not able to find a ride.


That's why we thought wouldn't it be nice to build a site which you can do that worldwide just for the purpose of winter rideshare?  As you pointed out, the tricky thing is to bring different communities in different countries together.


Yes, our secret sauce is that it will be like a RPG like rideshare experience.

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For me, I have no trouble finding ride or share ride for a 1-day trip in PA.  But the problem is 1) long weekend trips, 2) lodging location.

Speaking for my experience, driving in snow makes me anxious and therefore I'd prefer someone does the driving.  I live in DC and one ski resort that I'd wish to visit more often is Snowshoe in WV.  However the drive to WV through the mountain roads freak me out and my ski friends are not interested to go to WV because of the driving.  

Also, to save on lodging, for Snowshoe, I'prefer to stay in Elkins, WV, which is about 30 -45 min. away. But I would assume most people would prefer to stay in Snowshoe.  Another e.g. is 7 springs, I'd prefer to stay in Somerset, but again, I assume people would prefer to stay in 7 Springs.


With the above 2 reasons, I'd think it is difficult to find ride share.  At least, this is my case. 

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@fosphenytoin thank you for sharing your experience.  I'm glad that you pointed out long weekend trips and lodging location.  I think without pre arranging with someone else; it can be tricky.  I will definitely keep that in mind when designing the application.


For me, I worked at a ski resort one time.  They provided shuttle bus, yet it was notoriously unreliable.  Many stuff were not able to get to work on time if the bus did not show up or delayed.  The only option was to hitch hiking...  I got pulled over by the police :P  




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